29 December 2009

Now that they have all been received...

Here are a few of the pressies I made...
Airplanes for my twin nephews, a cushion for my partner's mum, sketch books and notebooks all embroidered - my new found passion!

The doll for my goddaughter was inspired by some I saw at Colourspace. I LOVE these! I had to make one! You can buy them from Colourspace's Etsy or Folksy shops. I can't see any for sale at the moment but you can always ask!

12 December 2009

Some great Etsy UK sellers

A big thank you to Treacle Toffee for featuring me in her treasury which made it to Etsy's front page. A lovely treasury featuring all UK sellers, great finds! Here are a few of my favourites:

11 December 2009

09 December 2009

It's all good!

The new kettle arrived, and it's lovely.
I got stuck in and painted everything white in the lounge (even the oak fire surround! eek).
I started decorating, and made this lovely garland after discovering yet another great blog by Dottie Angel (so many out there!), and her fab tutorial.

Tis all good, now off to make some more Xmas pressies!

04 December 2009


...for my, I mean, OUR new kettle to arrive! Pretty please let it be tomorrow... Can't wait! love the colour and shape. We need a new toaster too, and there do a really cool one to match, but that will have to wait til after Christmas me thinks.

I've been spending quite a bit of time lately glued to the radiator in the front room (tis getting cold!), facing our fireplace. It's one of the original features of our little cottage and I love it, but, sacrilège, I've been thinking for a little while (well only a week or so but once I get an idea in my head...) about painting the oak surround white. I say sacrilège because it's such precious wood and my favourite at that. We have a fair bit of it (that's me trying already finding excuses ;), my favourite being two built-in cupboards in the dining room that my Dad made for us, these I would never ever paint.
But the fireplace... It has a lot of detail that would be enhanced by the white... Shall I, shall I not?

30 November 2009

On fire baby!

Wow! I can't believe my luck, I have been featured again in The Storque blog's article about gift ideas!! Amazing! This time it's for one of my baby girl blankets.

I think this deserves a celebration!

Featured in The Storque!

YAY!! My Starry Night cushion has been featured in the Storque's article about Christmas decorations, on Etsy's blog.
Even better, it sold as a result! I've been getting lots of views and hearts which is really encouraging.

Of course, it is amongst many really lovely items, go and check it out. I especially like these gift tags by Sunshine and Ravioli

By the way, I am offering free worldwide shipping in my Etsy shop, hurry though, it ends tonight!

24 November 2009

Embroidered cushions

I have been making lots of cushions lately and really enjoying it. So much so, I might end up making just cushions... nah... knowing how my brain works it is probably just a phase.

At the same time, I am 'rediscovering' embroidery, and loving it. Not that I ever did much, just a little 'canevas' as a kid. I don't know the word for it in English, canvas probably, anyway it's embroidery following a pattern, usually some really oldy worldy pattern :). You know what I mean, a horse head in yucky brown, that kind of stuff!

I've been playing around with embroidered words and simple shapes. What I like most about it is I can do it from the sofa! Sounds lazy but I like being busy making something while having the TV/radio on or by the fire, but especially where other people are. It gives that nice cosy feeling. I think that's partly why I played so much on the kitchen floor as a child.

I have so many more ideas to come for cushions, with more embroidery but also the raw edge and child like machine embroidery I like so much.

Let hope things start selling soon! There's a little glimmer of hope for my new cushions, I was included in two, yes two treasuries lately! whoohoo

25 September 2009

So chuffed!

Not only I got featured on someone's blog for the third time (yay!), but this one is especially nice because it is from someone who's enjoying one of my products! So a big thank you to Carolyn at CeeGee Jewellery for her kind words. Go and have a peek at her jewellery by the way, beautiful work.

I've been busy working on a new product today, a baby comforter.

How cute is this?!

20 September 2009

Four seasons patchwork quilt

Feeling refreshed after super hol climbing in the French Alps (I have come back with a chesty cough, doh!). Such beautiful mountains, we end up coming back year after year!

Before I went away, I just managed to finish the quilt I had been working on for my dear friend, Silke.

She hasn't seen it yet. I am sooo excited, but also incredibly nervous about her seeing it. She put all her trust in me, I hope she will like it, no, love it!

I've never been so nervous about showing my work before, I guess it's different when it's for friends! I have done web design work for friends before, but this time is different, there is no undo button. When it's done, it's done, there's no changing it!
Eeek :)

The theme for the quilt is the four seasons.
Four central panels, showing a Devon cottage by a tree with a cheeky sheep, are framed with patchwork in colours of the changing seasons.

The wadding is made from recycled plastic bottles (28 bottles to be precise!). A great way to re-use them if you ask me!
And of course, as it should be, a traditional hand stitched border on the back:

Now this mammoth of a project is done, I'd better get back to stocking up my shop!

25 July 2009

New UK shop!

Woohoo! Done it! I've opened a new shop for the UK.


A bit of a shame about the name from a marketing/promoting point of view... "Yes, it's Three Red Apples dot Corian... huh... Coriander but without the 'e'. You follow?". Hmm, need to practice this one!

The site however is nice and clean, love the layout, the people really friendly... so I'm chuffed really!

I've taken the opportunity to revamp my branding with a nice new banner.

Etsy's great but I wanted to make sure my UK customers don't feel put off by the different currency. I've heard there's another European site where I could list in Euros obviously, but also write in French. That would be good for my family and friends in France (plus the bonus of an extended market). I'd better brush up on my French, she says blushing :-[, 13 years in the UK have taken their toll!

Anyway that's for another day! It's the middle of the night here, and I'm too tired to think anymore about it!

22 July 2009

Birdie crazy

I had a little play around with my little blue bird today. I though it could do with a little plumpness! And some eyes.
I love the green and pink fabric too, another great one by Elanbach.

Oh, and finally finished and added this cushion
to my shop :

Can you tell I like birds!? ;)

21 July 2009

Photo Experiments

I spend so much time trying to get some good photos. I really am no photographer! Still, practice makes perfect... This one came out okay, after many many tries! Different backgrounds, different hooks, light, camera...
Off to look up some tips.

16 June 2009

The Little Factory is Working at Full Steam!

I have now finished my second quilt, and am starting a super large quilt order. So much to do, I love it! I also want to make a few cushions using the same technique as the quilts, and a few bags, and playmats...
My quilts seems to attract more views on Etsy
, which is great news. I am eagerly waiting for my first sale. Patience, patience...

15 June 2009

Onwards and upwards

I have started work on my next quilt, here is a little preview of the fabrics...

13 June 2009

Double ta-da!!

It's finished! :D

The quilting was a little trickier than I expected, I had a few frustrating moments... but all forgotten now! Fab, Fab, Fab!! I love it! I sound like I'm blowing sunshine up my own bottom, a little decorum please.
Nah! I'm too excited for that, and there's no one home to share my excitement with. There is Jack, my dog, but I know what he's thinking: "boooring, when are we going for a walk?"

12 June 2009

Patchwork Addict

Okay, I know it's not finished and it's not ideal taking photos at night, but I am itching to show this... Ta-da!

My first Three Red Apples patchwork quilt, with appliqués and embroidery. I am really chuffed with it!
I changed my mind once or twice and ended up unpicking some of it, but it has turned out to be a really exciting project.
I will have to find a good name for it, something local as it's inspired by one of many walks on Dartmoor. Hmm... need to think about this one...

Now I've just got to fix the three layers together before I can show the whole thing.

Then it will be onto the next one!