16 June 2009

The Little Factory is Working at Full Steam!

I have now finished my second quilt, and am starting a super large quilt order. So much to do, I love it! I also want to make a few cushions using the same technique as the quilts, and a few bags, and playmats...
My quilts seems to attract more views on Etsy
, which is great news. I am eagerly waiting for my first sale. Patience, patience...

15 June 2009

Onwards and upwards

I have started work on my next quilt, here is a little preview of the fabrics...

13 June 2009

Double ta-da!!

It's finished! :D

The quilting was a little trickier than I expected, I had a few frustrating moments... but all forgotten now! Fab, Fab, Fab!! I love it! I sound like I'm blowing sunshine up my own bottom, a little decorum please.
Nah! I'm too excited for that, and there's no one home to share my excitement with. There is Jack, my dog, but I know what he's thinking: "boooring, when are we going for a walk?"

12 June 2009

Patchwork Addict

Okay, I know it's not finished and it's not ideal taking photos at night, but I am itching to show this... Ta-da!

My first Three Red Apples patchwork quilt, with appliqu├ęs and embroidery. I am really chuffed with it!
I changed my mind once or twice and ended up unpicking some of it, but it has turned out to be a really exciting project.
I will have to find a good name for it, something local as it's inspired by one of many walks on Dartmoor. Hmm... need to think about this one...

Now I've just got to fix the three layers together before I can show the whole thing.

Then it will be onto the next one!