25 July 2009

New UK shop!

Woohoo! Done it! I've opened a new shop for the UK.


A bit of a shame about the name from a marketing/promoting point of view... "Yes, it's Three Red Apples dot Corian... huh... Coriander but without the 'e'. You follow?". Hmm, need to practice this one!

The site however is nice and clean, love the layout, the people really friendly... so I'm chuffed really!

I've taken the opportunity to revamp my branding with a nice new banner.

Etsy's great but I wanted to make sure my UK customers don't feel put off by the different currency. I've heard there's another European site where I could list in Euros obviously, but also write in French. That would be good for my family and friends in France (plus the bonus of an extended market). I'd better brush up on my French, she says blushing :-[, 13 years in the UK have taken their toll!

Anyway that's for another day! It's the middle of the night here, and I'm too tired to think anymore about it!

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