20 September 2009

Four seasons patchwork quilt

Feeling refreshed after super hol climbing in the French Alps (I have come back with a chesty cough, doh!). Such beautiful mountains, we end up coming back year after year!

Before I went away, I just managed to finish the quilt I had been working on for my dear friend, Silke.

She hasn't seen it yet. I am sooo excited, but also incredibly nervous about her seeing it. She put all her trust in me, I hope she will like it, no, love it!

I've never been so nervous about showing my work before, I guess it's different when it's for friends! I have done web design work for friends before, but this time is different, there is no undo button. When it's done, it's done, there's no changing it!
Eeek :)

The theme for the quilt is the four seasons.
Four central panels, showing a Devon cottage by a tree with a cheeky sheep, are framed with patchwork in colours of the changing seasons.

The wadding is made from recycled plastic bottles (28 bottles to be precise!). A great way to re-use them if you ask me!
And of course, as it should be, a traditional hand stitched border on the back:

Now this mammoth of a project is done, I'd better get back to stocking up my shop!

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