04 December 2009


...for my, I mean, OUR new kettle to arrive! Pretty please let it be tomorrow... Can't wait! love the colour and shape. We need a new toaster too, and there do a really cool one to match, but that will have to wait til after Christmas me thinks.

I've been spending quite a bit of time lately glued to the radiator in the front room (tis getting cold!), facing our fireplace. It's one of the original features of our little cottage and I love it, but, sacrilège, I've been thinking for a little while (well only a week or so but once I get an idea in my head...) about painting the oak surround white. I say sacrilège because it's such precious wood and my favourite at that. We have a fair bit of it (that's me trying already finding excuses ;), my favourite being two built-in cupboards in the dining room that my Dad made for us, these I would never ever paint.
But the fireplace... It has a lot of detail that would be enhanced by the white... Shall I, shall I not?

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