09 December 2010

A lil' branch of glee...

It has started!

The tree is up, decorations are out, holly and ivy will be picked soon...

I made quite a few decorations this year, some snowflakes and origami stars (here's a origami star/wreath tutorial if you fancy making some too), some *cough* bits I can't talk about but if you have an eagle eye... (said that really quickly without moving my lips). I found some cute pony decorations at a car booty last weekend, but I also re-discovered what I had bought in the sales after Christmas last year (impressed heh? how nifty is that?!).

a lil' glee on the mantlepiece

Can you believe it's only two weeks til Christmas? Still so much to do!

Adrian says he hates Christmas, but really what he means is he hates having to find presents. Maybe he should have a go at making presents too, because for someone who hates going shopping at the best of times, facing the Christmas crowds is truly horrendous.

We both got in the festive mood the other night by making some mince pies together. Well... when I say making... we bought some pastry and some filling, and put the two together :) Needless to say they're all gone now, another batch to come for sure.

a lil' glee on the mantlepiece

I hope you are all getting into a gleeful mood too!


PS: So pleased you liked my easy peasy tutorial. Thanks my dears for all your comments :)

29 November 2010

Easy peasy paper snowflake

My first little tutorial! :)

paper snowflake

A friend came to visit my sis and showed us how to make fabby paper snowflakes.

They're really easy to make, all you need is a pair of scissors, some tape, a stapler and some nice paper (could be anything, old book pages, maps, wallpaper, magazines... whatever, as long as it's not too lightweight).

paper snowflake

Here we go, I hope this will be clear enough, it's too dark for me to take photos...

What d'ya reckon??

I think I'll have quite a few of these in clusters around the house this Christmas.
I'll be making some of various size (although small ones are really fiddly unless you have a teeny stapler), and with different type of paper.

It's taken me a while to get in the Christmas mood, but making these is doing it nicely for me! Oh... and making some pressies too, but I can't tell you anymore about that because of little prying eye ;)


23 November 2010

Little things that make me happy...

Tin-tastic (!)

This one really got my little heart going when I spotted it...!

I have been on the look out for tins forever, eying up other people's and developing 'tinsilitis', bad case of tin envy (while I'm on the bad play on words subject, can I just slip 'tintastic' in the mix? Ta very much). My luck finally turned yesterday. It was well hidden in the toys section in the charity shop, filled to the rim with marbles. So not only it's the prettiest vintage biscuit tin, but its treasure will also make my nephews happy.

I couldn't quite contain myself when I showed it to Ade, and even his "yes... another box..." comment couldn't dampen my spirits.

I finally have a good'un to keep company to my other lovely tin which my dad gave me, the chicorée 'l'Alsacienne' tin. Love it too.

On my fabric cabinet...

They've both taken pride of place on my fabric cabinet.

See that fabby apron by the lovely Rachelle at Ted and Agnes?! *swoon*

Happy days!

PS: of course the search doesn't stop there ;)

18 November 2010

On the hills...

Most of the time, I just have to have lots of colour around me, a white base with a mix of bright and faded colours (hmmm... except terracotta and lilac, not my cup of tea!). And then once in a while, I get in an all white and natural mood. That's why I love this shop Baileys so much. Although I couldn't live in a 'Baileys' ' type house because colour would creep in eventually, it really appeals.

I was in this kind of mood when I got working on this canvas.

In the hills...

Although, you see what I mean about colour creeping back in :)

Devon, where I live, is full of these cute valleys with perfectly round hills. This is exactly the kind of spot I dream of for my gypsy caravan, in a meadow overlooking the hills. Sigh...

The design for the caravan (or 'roulotte', it sounds even better in French), came about after my friend Alex suggested I make some hoops to display in his yurts and (soon to be) gypsy caravans. A match made in heaven I say, since I am already slightly obsessed with all things gypsy, it's right up my street!

This is all quite exciting for me, because lately I have been thinking, maybe, it's time I found places to sell my work. I am quite indecisive on the subject, probably over protective, but Alex's yurts and caravans (Wild in Style) are just the perfect place for my little hoops.

14 November 2010

I dunnit!

I've only gone and dunnit, I've gone and built meself a proper online shop like!

Don't you just love the English language? I really can't do accents (try and read the above with a French accent, it's just not the same), but I luve it you know, it cracks me up! ;)

So there's my big news, in a northern kinda accent, I've launched my very own online shop... threeredapples.com!!

Of course I should have done it back in the summer, and of course I should have given myself much more time, but that would just be far too grown up and organised. Instead, in true student fashion (you never loose your student ways completely), I crammed it all in the shortest time possible, working non-stop until le petit matin on a few occasions.

There is still more work to be done (improve seo, accessibility, functionality, design, blah blah blah...). I am a bit annoyed that as an ex web designer, the design is what I spent the least amount of time on. That said, a pat on the back when a pat is due and all that!

To celebrate a big step for Three Red Apples, and to thank you lovely people for your support and lovely comments, which help no end when the chips are down, I am offering 20% off in my new shop using the voucher code FAB20 until next Sunday night (21st Nov).

I couldn't possibly launch without a few new hoops...

ma p'tite roulotte...
My little gypsy caravan - I will tell you more about this one soon...

clucking chickens

clucking chickens
I love my little chickens, so I decided to put them in the smaller 4" hoop.

keep it simple doily
A new version of my 'keep it simple' hoop.

ma dodoche est toujours sur la route :)

ma dodoche est toujours sur la route :)
A couple new 2CVs...

I love my bed...
And... (I can't believe I hadn't shown you this one before, I did it a while back, I'm such a bad blogger!), my new 'I love my bed' design.


08 October 2010

Little things that make me happy...

latest finds...

A few finds from my latest hauls...

Vintage pyrex, soup bowls and saucers, German enamel jug, knitting bag, lampshade (for my studio), and some lovely fabric and doilies.

Love them all :)

(The soup bowls in fact came from Adrian's mum's clear out. I couldn't pass them by obviously.)

vintage knitting needle addict...

My collection of knitting needles is also growing nicely!

I had a lovely chat with the ladies in the charity shop where I bought the last ones.
Oh I do like a good old chat with them. Although I fear they may have thought I was a bit of an odd ball for buying 10 (!) pairs of knitting needles, after finding out that I can't actually knit...

Not to worry, I can think of worst things to collect.


23 September 2010

I've been canvassing...

Hello my friends!

I thought it was about time I made a little appearance here, before you got to the 'who, what, heh?' stage. Argh you're already there...?

I don't blame you, I'm there too. The whole summer's distant blur now, my mind's a little cloudy, but... I have been busy. There's been a little shift in my work.
I told you this is all about finding my feet. I sometimes wish I would find them a little quicker. I have looked, honest. I even found other people's. My dog was quite relieved when I pointed out his four.

This is what I've been up to... embracing the Autumn season by making my first little canvases. Let me introduce my little 'wind swirl'...

Wind swirl...

And 'foraging about'... because let's face it, what's better in the Autumn than foraging about picking blackberries, chestnut (to grill on the fire, ah that's the best!), and... mushrooms

Foraging about...

This little one is 'Grandma rose', inspired by my Grandma's plates (Mary, Mémé to us). I love the big flower patterns of old french country crockery. These are my two bestest plates, the others are rather tired and chipped sadly.
The top one is mine, the bottom Ade's. He decided it was so because he "can't eat from a plate with flowers". Pfff... men! ;)

Grandma rose...

PS: All three are now in my little shop, as well as some new hoops.


30 August 2010

Ground control to Major Tom..

Can you hear me...?!

I'm easing myself back into blogging with a few pictures...

stiff upper lip wall art

Off to see the world wall art

Off to see the world wall art

Keep it simple wall art

Crumpets wall art

A few little wall hangings I have added to my shop, some of which were made under the influence of the Sex Pistols... have a guess! I was inches from writing 'anarchy' instead!


05 August 2010

Almost back...

My mind is still in holiday mode...

Tomorrow I set off to visit my family back in Brittany for a few days. I'm taking the ferry across the Channel with my sis and her twin boys. It's going to be a proper family catch up with our Mum and Dad, and our other sis.
Mmmmm... nice foooood!

We enjoyed climbing in the Peaks, but sadly the rain arrived at the same time as us. Typical! We made the most of it, and surprisingly did a fair bit. We were both tired by the end of the two weeks, but good tired which is always sign of a good holiday.
Holidays are so important to both of us, they have to be active and there has to be lots of them. I would honestly live on beans on toast if it meant we can go away and do something exciting (not sure Ade would go as far as that though ;)
Time to plan the next one methinks...

vintage planes & cars
Vintage planes and cars at the Air Show we visited on our way up.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer! What are you up to?!

Things will be back to normal for me by the end of next week. I'm really looking forward to making some new stuff. I have a few ideas floating, can't wait!


09 July 2010

Off to see the world...

Well... Derbyshire, England.

With a couple of little stops on the way to see a dear friend, and - to satisfy my other half's 'hairyplanes' needs, a visit to an Air Show.

I doubt it will be as glamorous as this...

Flight Students, 1939

Nope, there will be no hint of romanticism there.

However, this is where we are heading... the Peak District...

Scene from the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

I'm a sucker for period films.
I'll certainly be thinking about Lizzie in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice while climbing along Stanage edge.
I use to read quite a lot as a teenager, but somehow, I left my reading mojo in France when I moved here - result of my master plan of complete immersion in an attempt to improve my poor pigeon English.

Maybe it will come back while I am there...

Be well, and see you in two weeks! :)


PS: I am keeping my little shop open, please be aware that items purchased while I'm away will be shipped on the 26th July.

05 July 2010

Freshly picked...

freshly picked...

Let's hope these make it to the kitchen unlike the strawberries... :)

Happy Monday to you all!


02 July 2010


I got back in touch with a friend a couple of weeks ago, only to find out he and his partner had also set off on a new adventure.
They set up Wild in Style renting yurts in the beautiful Lake District. I don't know about you but that really appeals to me. There's something about them... big open spaces, Mongolia, nomadic lifestyle, free spirits...

My sister's partner's old uni mate (you still following?!) lives in a yurt in a field down here. I haven't seen it yet, but I so want to drop by out of pure curiosity! I just find it fascinating. He's such a nice bloke too, one of those people with a twinkle in their eye.

It got me dreaming about traveling again...

Clouds vs yurts

Driving the yaks


How fantastic do these photos look?!
A Mongolian 'Heidi' (actually might well be a Pierre or Peter...!)
I'm in love with the inside of this yurt, or ger to be precise. I really want some of that blue floral fabric!

Probably as well as their lifestyle and culture, the colourful and earthy style gypsies, bohemians, nomad people have is what appeals to me so much.

(all images link to their source)

01 July 2010

My happy place...

Last week, I set off in our camper with Jack, singing along with the radio as if off on holiday.
I was only going to collect my new old cabinet to stash my fabrics.

I somehow managed to drive straight to it, a barn in the middle of nowhere, after driving through a maze of country lanes.
A sure sign of things meant to be!

fabric cabinet

It took four days to get it in shipshape condition, and in the process, cured my obsession with painting everything (for now...).

I did enjoy the process nonetheless, there is no better way of getting to know a piece of furniture.
I found a maker's mark on the back of the cabinet and each of the three doors. Very exciting stuff indeed! It does seem to be a 1920s cabinet. I have yet to find out more... (any tips on where to find cabinet makers' identification marks?)

fabric cabinet

fabric cabinet

It's so nice to be able to glance at the fabric though the glass... I was hoping it would have a little more room left for more vintage finds, it is looking rather full already! A good reason to get sewing, if one was ever needed.

It is also the new home of one other studio essential, my radio. The only long wave one in the house so I can listen to French radio. A necessity so I don't forget my native language. In 4 years time, I will have spent as much time in each country, unreal...


As I type this in my happy den, surrounded by my favourite things, I dream of good things to come...

Sweet dreams to you!

24 June 2010

Studio progress...

There has been some shuffling in the studio!
Oh yes! *rubbing hands in excitement*

We have shelves!

They still smell of fresh paint... (actually no, that's not pleasant, the excitement got the better of me there...)

studio progress...

I love the curves of the brackets.
I found them in my local antique shop in need of some loving care. They had probably been there for years. They are enameled cast iron sink brackets.
The top ones are my favourites. I was so excited when, peeling off the old paint covering them, I found a 'made in Scotland' mark.

studio progress...

The shelves were a good excuse to do a little woodwork outside in the sunshine.

Did I ever tell you that when I was floating between my old job and starting up Three Red Apples, I was looking into traditional boat building courses? I went to visit one of the few schools in the UK which happens to be not far from here. Their workshops were amazing (right on the sea front), the smell was amazing, and the people so friendly...
I couldn't afford the fees in the end, which is just as well because I would never have met you all! I also looked into building wooden playhouses... but I decided it would be much easier to start with what I had, a big pile of fabrics and the sewing machine Ade had bought me as a Christmas present.

studio progress...

Now the last important bit for my studio to be fully operational, you know, so I can get into a prolific state :), is a cabinet for storing my fabrics. And last night, the shelves of ebay delivered!! It was a very long seven days wait, but it seems I was the only one who wanted it. I feel like the cat who got the cream, with a big white grin, might even have reached the end of my nose...

Can't wait to go and collect it...
There will be more sanding, priming, painting, and maybe even some gluing. You will be the first to see it!


18 June 2010

How things change...

wild flowers...

It's my birthday today!

This time two years ago was a low point which came out of nowhere...
What a change two years, a new direction, and the support of your close ones can make...

We're off climbing on the Cornish cliffs for the weekend. Well, once the bonnet is back on the car (!), I've got my shelves up in the studio, and we've got ourselves sorted out... could be a little while!

Hope you all have a fab weekend!