24 January 2010

1970s sewing book

This little gem was one of my dad's finds. It's a french 1976 sewing book "Coudre pour sa maison".
I've got the attention span of a pea when it comes to reading instructions of any kind, so I can't say it's a good read, but I love the patterned cover and the 1970s kitsch photos.
Isn't the second image glorious!?


Nancy*McKay said...

...looks brand NEW...with such a great cover pattern...i love VINTAGE finds...i really enjoy visiting YOU...& yours...

PS: regarding my blue/white table cloth...a fabulous Amsterdam artist named Dana made it...check out her work here:

Annabelle said...

So lovely to hear... I'm getting into this blogging business! great fun!
Thanks for posting Dana's link, her work is amazing!