16 January 2010

7 things you didn't know about me...

The lovely Michaela of Where has the wind taken you has nominated little o' me for the Kreative Blogger Award. Chuffed! Thanks!

I have to write 7 things about me and nominate 7 other bloggers.

Initially I thought I would just write some light hearted stuff, like my favourite colour is... , actually that would be a hard one since I don't have one, but you get my drift.

However, Michaela's was so insightful and frank, and I enjoyed reading her post so much, that I thought I ought to be a little less superficial than initially thought.

So here it goes... without getting too deep...

1. I am impatient and a perfectionist, now I don't know how these two work together! They kinda contradict each other... (hopefully that makes me efficient! ha) All I know is if I'm doing a messy job, I am too impatient to go and change into some work clothes, but the end result has to be spotless.

2. I was (and still am in many ways) a tomboy. I spent my childhood climbing trees and building tree houses, playing with my cousins (boys), running through fields, making things... I always found it *much* easier to make friends with boys than girls. In the past decade, I have become a bit more feminine, and find female company a great comfort - but I still like a night out with the boys!

3. Probably because I was a typical tomboy, I've always loved sports and the outdoors. Even now, as I have entered my thirties, I still love going rock climbing, potholing, diving, walking, mountaineering, snowboarding... you know, adventures, challenges... My partner and I met over 10 years ago through these, it's a big part of our lives (even though finding the time seems to get trickier by the year).

4. I love the British sense of humor, I love sarcasm. You have to be thick skinned to take it...

5. I have a very bad memory. It's handy for the bad stuff, but it can be embarrassing, borderline unromantic at times! eek

6. I am not a religious person. I won't expand on this too much, dodgy grounds, but I do value open-mindedness and tolerance.

7. I love my dog Jack, and my soul mate Ade. They are more important to me than they will ever know.

Phew, I got there in the end, Hope you're still with me!

I'd like to pass this award on to the following lovely bloggers:

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pennycones said...

Thank you so much for passing this on to me :)

I love your list. I have always had the tomboy in me except I'm rubbish at sports! And as for no.5, I'm with you all the way on that one for sure. Hahaha


artycho said...

Merci d'avoir pense a moi Annabelle! Sympa de'en conaitre un peu plus...je me retrouve aussi bien dans ton portrait express et j'adhere aussi a l'humour anglais!

Michaela Dawn:Windy Woman said...

How refreshing, you have so much energy and I adore the efficient aspect of your persona... along with a lot more about you too... I'm just slowly getting through your journal and I very much appreciate all I read, it is fun, it is light and quite substantial!

Thanks for this world lovely!