27 January 2010

Antique Tiles & follow up...

Every since moving to the UK I have found old Victorian titles fascinating.
I thought they could be a good source of inspiration for my work, so last night I did a little research and came across Solar Antique Tiles a shop in New York and Florida. They specialises in antique and reproduction tiles, and they have the most beautiful tiles! Too many to show here but here are some of my favourites...

Victorian Tiles from the 19th Century

Portuguese Tiles from the 17th Century

Dutch Tiles from the 19th Century

On another note, I got working on a new cushion last night after my post about photographer Anitta Behrendt... love life...

love life pillow

Available in my Etsy shop :)

(images linked to their source)


celine said...

Bonjour, je decouvre votre/ton (?) blog via je ne sais plus ou et j'aime beaucoup son esprit frais. J'adore le coussin qui est une superbe adaptation des photos du post précédant. Je vis depuis (tres) longtemps dans le Surrey

Annabelle said...

Merci d'être passée! Ca fait plaisir de voir quelques Françaises! moi qui ne parle pas assez en français (et l'ecris encore moins). C'est peut-être par Artycho que tu m'as trouvée? Je ne sais pas si on tutoie ou vouvoie, enfin moi je prefere tutoyer).
Je viens de faire une visite rapide chez toi (a refaire bientot), c'est plein de bonnes idees, j'adore l'arbre!

pennycones said...

Fantastic tiles. My inlaws sell antiques and also reproduce their own tiles so I can see why such a simple product can fascinate you :)

Ah this cushion is lovely, I viewed it when I saw your tweet the other day.

I am setting up a little trading place over on my blog for Etsy sellers so if you fancy joining our little community, let me know :)


Annabelle said...

Thanks Lisa, what a good idea! I'm off for a week but I might well join you when I get back :)
(I'll probably come back with loads of photos of tiles as well, cos' I'm off to Andalusia :)

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