04 January 2010

First day of the year

A beautiful day on Dartmoor, the day after the night before. One way of clearing our fuzzy heads!

I love this wild land, maybe it's in my Celtic blood! This crazy man once told me I come from an important Celtic clan, hmm... * imagining myself in Highlander * ha!
My sister took me to see this man, a healer or modern day druid I guess. It wasn't a first for me since my parents took me to see similar people as a child. The session mainly consists of the healer placing, sometimes just hovering, their hands over you. I've never believed in it, but always found it relaxing, a little like a rural version of a spa session I guess!
This time there was some added weirdness. Remember the big guy in the Green Mile with Tom Hanks? Well, there was a bit of that too, inhaling in the bad and exhaling it. Very strange to say the least...
I had stopped listening by the time he told me about my previous life, wondering what he meant about there being a lot of anger in me. Must have been for my previous employer!

We spent new year's eve in a pub on Dartmoor. Left the warmth of the pub just after midnight for a little walk up to the nearest Tor. Apparently there was a lunar eclipse that night, shame we missed it. Such a clear night with a full moon, amazing! And amazingly cold! Our 'beer jackets' (and various other drinks) kept us fairly warm, but our stone cold sober dog Jack, however, once he'd stopped running, was looking quite miserable. Time to go!

After a cold night, me and the dog in the camper with no heating (eek!), my other half and friend camping in a tent at the Tor (even more eek!), and the more sensible ones in a nearby house woke up to this beautiful crisp day. We decided to go for a half decent walk, then some lovely food at our friends' house: home grown roasted veg with a Persian leg of lamb. Miam! Very very delicious!

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