27 February 2010


From gypsy punk music to flowers... (!)
The first flower on our camellia has finally peaked out of its cocoon, a sign of good things to come I reckon.


We went for a little explore around the countryside yesterday. Ade wanted to go and find a cave entrance where he had dived many years ago (we both go potholing, have been for years, although I dive a little I haven't quite mixed the two up like he has).


The walk took us through a cosy valley and woodland with little armies of snowdrops. I love finding clearings carpeted in snowdrops or bluebells, it's like entering a secret world of pixies and fairies. Plus I was happy as Larry with my new messenger bag! That in itself was enough to send me hoping around like Alice in Wonderland. I don't go for walks with a bag normally but I had to show it off (Shevie, you know what I'm taking about, right? that bag is just gorgeous!)

Talking about Alice in Wonderland... I can't wait to see Tim Burton's adaptation. Anything with Johnny Depp is a must see as far as I'm concerned! With the added bonus of being filmed in Devon and Cornwall too.

23 February 2010

Gypsy punk

gypsy family
(image linked to its source)

There is something about gypsies and bohemians I find fascinating. Although I'm sure their free spirit and pride is part of it, I can't quite put my finger on why I've always felt something drawing me to their culture. There are some aspects of it that make me nervous at the same time (arguably these fears may be anchored in my own culture).

I have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to music (and a pretty poor collection as some of you may agree after seeing this, haha!). I was thinking today about what brought me to buy an album by these guys, and why this music makes me smile... energising, weird and wonderful!

Gogol Bordello - "Start Wearing Purple"

Seriously, the guy's bonkers!

22 February 2010

Another weekend find

Crocheted blanket

How could I! I forgot to mention this great find from my little trip on Saturday. I found this crocheted blanket in the dog bedding section of a charity shop.
It will do nicely to keep my new love of all things crocheted under control until I am ready to start a project of my own.

I do need to wash it, but I'm a little nervous about getting it wrong... can I pop it in the washing machine on the wool cycle?

PS: I looks like I have lost that embroidered tablecloth for good :(

21 February 2010

Feeling lucky

Chicken run cushion

Happy Sunday!

I added two new cushions to my lil' etsy shop this week, and as a way of patting myself on the back after a good week, I decided to let myself have a weekend.

Smitten cushion

I spend yesterday with my sister in full thrifting mode, going from one charity shop to the next. We both made some great purchases *big grin*.

I bought a few lovely materials to be transformed into something new for my shop shelves, and a few things for myself - more frames including a very special one with a slightly bowed glass. I'll be sure to show later. For the first time I also found some clothes which I was most pleased about since my wardrobe badly needs it.
My 'bestest' buy of the day however, was without doubt an old hand embroidered tablecloth. I fell in love with it and bought it without knowing where it would go. So you can imagine the sinking feeling I got when at the end of the day I realised I must have left it in one of the shops we visited... I was so gutted!! I retraced my steps, I think I know where I left it. I will call the shop as soon as they re-open tomorrow.

I am staying hopeful, because when I got home yesterday I found out it was my lucky day, for my newly added 'smitten' cushion had made it to the front page of etsy...


Thank you so much anycards, for whipping together such a beautiful treasury!

17 February 2010

No dab at it but loving it...

first go at crocheting

I got started last night using tutorials on youtube. :D
Can't wait to get my first garland done.

and who said crocheting was just for girls...

Taken 'à la va-vite'
but I had to catch the moment!


16 February 2010

Weekend frolics

Weekend thrifty finds

I went on a search for a crochet hook this weekend, after three car booties and three charity shops, it seems they are not that easy to find, second hand anyway. One of the lovely old ladies in one of my local charity shops sweetly offered hers. After I protested I surely couldn't have hers, she said quite adamantly "come back next week". :)

I just can't wait to get started. I hope I get the stitches worked out quickly so I can try my hand at some tutorials I've spotted on Yvestown, and the Royal Sisters.

I didn't come back empty handed from my 'rummagings', oh no! I found some old knitting needles. I can't knit but couldn't resist them. I tried... or rather my grandma tried teaching me when I was about 10, but she gave up on me! That tells me one of two things, either my grandma was as impatient as me, or I was unteachable.
I also found some cotton yarn in preparation, some old thread, some frames (collecting them to make a little art wall), fabric, plate, jug... It's amazing how much you can buy with £10!

* Update *
I HAVE HOOKS!!! not one but three!
Adrian's lovely mum (yes I have a lovely 'mum-in-law') sent them in the post. What a gem! :D

12 February 2010

Wish you were... err... home

Oh I'm in a foul mood today, and an ungrateful one at that!
"Come on, get a grip" I hear you say.
I know, I know... but Andalusia stole my momentum...
Since we got back on Wednesday, I have been totally useless. There's been a lot on standing, head scratching, sitting, standing again, rearranging and still nothing.

Almond blossom in El Chorro

The place just didn't pull on my heartstrings for some reason - yes that's the ungrateful bit, lucky enough to go away and still not happy. It didn't help that rain stopped us from having our usual type of holiday. And now that I'm back, I just can't get back to where I was.

Almond blossom in El Chorro

Didn't take many photos but managed a couple of shots of almond tree blossom.

Rant over - feeling a little better now ;)

01 February 2010

Before I go...

I'm off for a week to find a little warmth in southern Spain, hopefully!
I leave you with some photos of a sunny winter's day in Devon...
See you back here next Wednesday... Have a lovely week!

Beautiful January day on Dartmoor

Beautiful January day on Dartmoor

Beautiful January day on Dartmoor

Beautiful winter's day on Dartmoor