22 February 2010

Another weekend find

Crocheted blanket

How could I! I forgot to mention this great find from my little trip on Saturday. I found this crocheted blanket in the dog bedding section of a charity shop.
It will do nicely to keep my new love of all things crocheted under control until I am ready to start a project of my own.

I do need to wash it, but I'm a little nervous about getting it wrong... can I pop it in the washing machine on the wool cycle?

PS: I looks like I have lost that embroidered tablecloth for good :(


Ann Marie said...

love this blanket! so beautiful. wishing i knew more than one crochet stitch.

Annabelle said...

Thanks Ann Marie, I wish I could make one like this too, maybe one day... I feel like an clumsy elephant with my crochet hook at the moment :)

pennycones said...

This blanket is lovely.

I picked one up a few weeks ago in a charity shop and I just bunged it in the wash (normal for me I'm afraid) on a cool handwash and luckily, it came out completely fine.


Bolmara said...

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