21 February 2010

Feeling lucky

Chicken run cushion

Happy Sunday!

I added two new cushions to my lil' etsy shop this week, and as a way of patting myself on the back after a good week, I decided to let myself have a weekend.

Smitten cushion

I spend yesterday with my sister in full thrifting mode, going from one charity shop to the next. We both made some great purchases *big grin*.

I bought a few lovely materials to be transformed into something new for my shop shelves, and a few things for myself - more frames including a very special one with a slightly bowed glass. I'll be sure to show later. For the first time I also found some clothes which I was most pleased about since my wardrobe badly needs it.
My 'bestest' buy of the day however, was without doubt an old hand embroidered tablecloth. I fell in love with it and bought it without knowing where it would go. So you can imagine the sinking feeling I got when at the end of the day I realised I must have left it in one of the shops we visited... I was so gutted!! I retraced my steps, I think I know where I left it. I will call the shop as soon as they re-open tomorrow.

I am staying hopeful, because when I got home yesterday I found out it was my lucky day, for my newly added 'smitten' cushion had made it to the front page of etsy...


Thank you so much anycards, for whipping together such a beautiful treasury!


Catherine said...

I hope you find the tablecloth!
Well done on the front page :D

Annabelle said...

Thanks Catherine! (no luck on the tablecloth front sadly)

ClassiclyAmber said...

Aw, did you ever find your missing tablecloth? And I have to tell you that I LOVE your shop and love your work! Everything in it is lovely~! =-D