23 February 2010

Gypsy punk

gypsy family
(image linked to its source)

There is something about gypsies and bohemians I find fascinating. Although I'm sure their free spirit and pride is part of it, I can't quite put my finger on why I've always felt something drawing me to their culture. There are some aspects of it that make me nervous at the same time (arguably these fears may be anchored in my own culture).

I have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to music (and a pretty poor collection as some of you may agree after seeing this, haha!). I was thinking today about what brought me to buy an album by these guys, and why this music makes me smile... energising, weird and wonderful!

Gogol Bordello - "Start Wearing Purple"

Seriously, the guy's bonkers!


shevie said...

...ha,ha Annabelle,it is possible that you are a little bonkers also!Crazy guys!Love the photo,my Dad looks like a gypsy & dresses like one too!Hope you will be pleased with your lovely new Cath bag when it comes.Thankyou for dropping by my little blog again.x

Annabelle said...

Why, thank you Shevie! I think if we all have a little bonkers spirit in us, we might all die happy ;)
I love your dad already, a Cornish gypsy, 'that's proper that is' as they say!

artycho said...

Love it! Décapant une super découverte pour moi, merci Annabelle!

Elsa May said...

ooh gypsies interesting. My sister who is in Ireland has just told me she's planning a week in a horse drawn caravan - I must admit I'm quite envious! Love your shop - especially the sweet little birds!

Annabelle said...

Merci Raphaelle, bien dit "décapant"! Glad I'm not the only loon around here :)

Thanks Elsa, I'm very envious too, what a great way to spend a week. Irish countryside, nice slow pace, very appealing.
Thanks for dropping by my little shop, glad you like it :)