17 February 2010

No dab at it but loving it...

first go at crocheting

I got started last night using tutorials on youtube. :D
Can't wait to get my first garland done.

and who said crocheting was just for girls...

Taken 'à la va-vite'
but I had to catch the moment!



La Pomme said...

Good morning! Saw one of your chick pillows - very cute. Must be something in the air, our thing for birds...

P.S. How do you manage to get those saturated colors in your photos? So nice!

emma lamb said...

looking good Annabelle ~ i love that colour too... :)

oh, and yes it is impossible to find crochet hooks in charity shops... for as long a i've been looking for them i have never found a single one! etsy is much easier... ;)

hope you're having a great weekend!?

Annabelle said...

Thanks Apol, yes must be spring in the air.
re my photos - ah, I'm a Photoshop monkey me. I have to because there is no love affair between me and my camera.

Thanks Emma! - bowing to you 'crocheting Jedi', and blushing slightly at the thought of you seeing my poor attempt (said that v v quickly :)

Really, it's not just me then... I did see some hooks in another charity shop but some minuscule ones. I'm sorted now anyway, after receiving the ones from Adrian's mum, my sister in France found me 6 more :) - including one long one with a hook at each end which puzzled us...

Fab weekend thanks, just had my 2 days off, back to work tomorrow. Hope your cold's better (I'm still prophesying about garlic you know ;)