12 February 2010

Wish you were... err... home

Oh I'm in a foul mood today, and an ungrateful one at that!
"Come on, get a grip" I hear you say.
I know, I know... but Andalusia stole my momentum...
Since we got back on Wednesday, I have been totally useless. There's been a lot on standing, head scratching, sitting, standing again, rearranging and still nothing.

Almond blossom in El Chorro

The place just didn't pull on my heartstrings for some reason - yes that's the ungrateful bit, lucky enough to go away and still not happy. It didn't help that rain stopped us from having our usual type of holiday. And now that I'm back, I just can't get back to where I was.

Almond blossom in El Chorro

Didn't take many photos but managed a couple of shots of almond tree blossom.

Rant over - feeling a little better now ;)


artycho said...

tes photos...merveilleuses! bon retour!

pennycones said...

Ah no way. I'm sorry you guys didn't have as much fun as you had hoped over there.

It might not help your mood so much but these photos are rather beautiful :)


Anonymous said...

Never mind - not every holiday can be the 'magical' one you hope for, but a change is always good anyway. Lovely photos - do I sense Spring in the air?! Jen x

Annabelle said...

Thanks Artycho, Lisa and Jen
...was just venting my silly mood really... all forgotten now and wondering what it was all about haha mood swings bah!

Thanks for your lovely comments about my photos, and yes Jen, there is definitely spring in the air in our house... eagerly waiting for our camellia to flower (well I am anyway, other half is probably oblivious to it ;) and a big urge to redecorate!

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Almond blossom already? That's something to be happy about!!!