31 March 2010

Designer: Josef Frank

I stumbled across this photo the other day, I am so glad I did! I opened a Flickr account recently and have been amazed at how many friendly people I am meeting this way. This beautiful wallpaper is in lovely Swedish lady Lycke's home. I love its vintage look. Doesn't it look fantastic?!

Josef Frank wallpaper - Eldblomman

Lycke kindly let me know the wallpaper is called "Eldblomman" and is by designer Josef Frank. She bought it from this great swedish shop. After a brief search it looks like it is quite difficult to get hold of if you live outside Sweden, they do however ship abroad.

So I got a wee bit curious about Josef Frank...

Josef Frank wallpaper

After finding out a little about him I understand where that vintage vibe comes from, he lived the "vintage years" (if there is such a thing!). Josef Frank was born in Austria in 1885 and emigrated to Sweden in the 1930's to get away from growing Nazism. He was the designer behind Svenskt Tenn.

Although I am not in love with all of his work (he also designed furniture), I find myself drawn to his wallpaper and textile designs.

Josef Frank textiles and furniture

I also like how he sees a home, I'm with him on this:

“A home must not primarily be an effective machine; it must offer comfort, rest and a nice atmosphere where the eye can rest and the mind be refreshed. No puritanical principles in a good interior”.

23 March 2010

Cake stands, dramas and clogs...

As I did my little trip to the Post Office yesterday, how rude, I thought, would it be not to pop into at least one of the charity shops nearby.
I am so glad I did for I found this little gem of a cake stand. While other items on the shelves were pleading for me to take them home, this one shouted loudest.

cake stand...

I love going to those little shops. There is always some kind of drama going on, and plenty of gossiping. The sarcastic in me love it even more when the lovely old ladies working as volunteers, are actually less than charitable. Well who wants to live in a perfect world, it would be boring wouldn't it? It would make random acts of kindness rather plain.


I had my own bit of drama in the last couple of days, when I realised I put the wrong fuel in our car and drove off unaware. I cried in anger... how could I be so stupid? I've killed it!
Ah la la...
(*whisper * I cry a lot but not normally for something I have done, in this case I was hanging my head in shame because *whisper even more* it's the second time I have done this).

Adrian, bless him, it's in times like this I know he is the only one for me, comforted me saying it can happen to anyone (sure, but not twice!), and bought me these tulips to cheer me up.


First thing yesterday the car got towed to our trusty garage. It seems I got away with it... ouf! (Ade reckons it runs even better now ;)

On a different subject, I had another request following the makeup brush roll, a matching make up bag...

A little customer order...

And these little rays of sunshine arrived a few days ago. They haven't left my feet since.
They are made in the basement of this little shoe shop in Scarborough in the UK, by all accounts, using all Swedish materials.


I just need to make some summer dresses and skirts now and all will be just perfect!

13 March 2010

A lovely little challenge

Makeup Brush Rolls

I have been in regular contact with a lovely customer about making a quilt/bedspread. That in itself is an exciting project as the colour scheme is one of my favourite, blues, greens, turquoise and some little splashes of other colours.
Very very exciting indeed!

But that's not the challenge I am talking about for a challenge, in my mind, has to have a tight deadline to get my little heart fluttering.
Last Wednesday evening the lovely customer, Rachel, asked me if I could make two makeup brush rolls, one for her and one for her sister... only she needed them for Sunday.

I was on it like a shot! I finished the first one late that evening, the second the following morning, by lunch time they were in the post. Loved it, it reminded me of one side of my previous job I really enjoyed, being creative under pressure. That is after all, how I got all my coursework done throughout my education ;)

Now that they have been happily received I can show you the result...

Makeup Brush Rolls Makeup Brush Rolls
Makeup Brush Rolls Makeup Brush Rolls

I decided to add them as made-to-order items in my little shop.

09 March 2010

My little art wall...

Well! What do you know, nothing for a while, then three posts in a day... :)

My little art wall...

I have been collecting frames from charity shops and car boot sales for a few week, and have finally put a few up.

The centre mirror is one of my dad's finds, I love it, I love its size.
The one above the mirror, I found in a charity shop for the grand sum of 50 pence. Although you can't see it, it has an unusual curved glass. I painted most the other finds white apart from the golden one. I didn't know what to put in it, so for now it just has some postcards from Kew and White Stuff.

I would love to put up some original artwork eventually, for now the three prints were downloaded from Feed Your Soul. All three artists, Belinda Kemp, Nan Lawson and Sarah Golden sell on Etsy.

I'm not the only one happy to see spring...

I had to share this with you, too funny!
Can you believe he is 9 years old, still just as mad as when he was a pup!

Spring in my step

The sun has been shining here in Devon for a few days, and has been very welcome.
I have started rearranging furniture in our cottage (again!), cleaning (amazing how dust starts to show with a bit more light), running (went last night, in the dark :o, prompted by a fellow twitter's twit - felt a little paranoid but really good afterward), and longing for new clothes...

I really want to make some dresses, skirts and tops for this summer. Have you seen Toast's new collection? It reminded me of our trip to Spain a few weeks back. I love this shirt-dress...

(image source: Toast)

It's a nice site to browse. They have little video's of models wearing their clothes, very cool.

I have been dreaming about wooden clogs too, for a long time... *sigh*. They would look so nice with little summer dresses and skirts. I have my eye on a pair, that is one thing I might treat myself to very soon :)

I am working on some bedspreads and picnic blankets for my little shop so watch this space too...

I hope a little sunshine as brought spring in your step too. x