31 March 2010

Designer: Josef Frank

I stumbled across this photo the other day, I am so glad I did! I opened a Flickr account recently and have been amazed at how many friendly people I am meeting this way. This beautiful wallpaper is in lovely Swedish lady Lycke's home. I love its vintage look. Doesn't it look fantastic?!

Josef Frank wallpaper - Eldblomman

Lycke kindly let me know the wallpaper is called "Eldblomman" and is by designer Josef Frank. She bought it from this great swedish shop. After a brief search it looks like it is quite difficult to get hold of if you live outside Sweden, they do however ship abroad.

So I got a wee bit curious about Josef Frank...

Josef Frank wallpaper

After finding out a little about him I understand where that vintage vibe comes from, he lived the "vintage years" (if there is such a thing!). Josef Frank was born in Austria in 1885 and emigrated to Sweden in the 1930's to get away from growing Nazism. He was the designer behind Svenskt Tenn.

Although I am not in love with all of his work (he also designed furniture), I find myself drawn to his wallpaper and textile designs.

Josef Frank textiles and furniture

I also like how he sees a home, I'm with him on this:

“A home must not primarily be an effective machine; it must offer comfort, rest and a nice atmosphere where the eye can rest and the mind be refreshed. No puritanical principles in a good interior”.

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