13 March 2010

A lovely little challenge

Makeup Brush Rolls

I have been in regular contact with a lovely customer about making a quilt/bedspread. That in itself is an exciting project as the colour scheme is one of my favourite, blues, greens, turquoise and some little splashes of other colours.
Very very exciting indeed!

But that's not the challenge I am talking about for a challenge, in my mind, has to have a tight deadline to get my little heart fluttering.
Last Wednesday evening the lovely customer, Rachel, asked me if I could make two makeup brush rolls, one for her and one for her sister... only she needed them for Sunday.

I was on it like a shot! I finished the first one late that evening, the second the following morning, by lunch time they were in the post. Loved it, it reminded me of one side of my previous job I really enjoyed, being creative under pressure. That is after all, how I got all my coursework done throughout my education ;)

Now that they have been happily received I can show you the result...

Makeup Brush Rolls Makeup Brush Rolls
Makeup Brush Rolls Makeup Brush Rolls

I decided to add them as made-to-order items in my little shop.


pennycones said...

These are beautiful :)

Well done.


Anonymous said...

Wow, they are gorgeous! And a wonderful addition to your shops. I really admire how bright and natural the lighting is in your photos. I really need to work on mine some more.

Annabelle said...

Thanks Lisa and Stacey-Ann :)

Ann Marie said...

these are so so pretty! love them!

artycho said...

Superbe! Tu as bien fait d'en ajouter a ta boutique ce sont les couleurs dont on a envie en ce debrt de printemps!

Anonymous said...

Ooh - how indulgently girly and perfect for sisters! I love your freehand embroidery of the names - do you mark the fabric first, or go truly freestyle? Whatever you do, the results are fantastic. Jen x

Annabelle said...

Thanks lovelies! much appreciated:)

Jen - thanks! I do a bit of both, I'm still quite new to the technique. When I started I used a fabric pen (the ones that erase with water) and drawing everything first, but as I get used to doing it, I tend to just make little pencil marks as reference points to help me with scale and, when it's words, to make sure it's straight.


AliceKiss said...

Очень миленько!