09 March 2010

Spring in my step

The sun has been shining here in Devon for a few days, and has been very welcome.
I have started rearranging furniture in our cottage (again!), cleaning (amazing how dust starts to show with a bit more light), running (went last night, in the dark :o, prompted by a fellow twitter's twit - felt a little paranoid but really good afterward), and longing for new clothes...

I really want to make some dresses, skirts and tops for this summer. Have you seen Toast's new collection? It reminded me of our trip to Spain a few weeks back. I love this shirt-dress...

(image source: Toast)

It's a nice site to browse. They have little video's of models wearing their clothes, very cool.

I have been dreaming about wooden clogs too, for a long time... *sigh*. They would look so nice with little summer dresses and skirts. I have my eye on a pair, that is one thing I might treat myself to very soon :)

I am working on some bedspreads and picnic blankets for my little shop so watch this space too...

I hope a little sunshine as brought spring in your step too. x


pennycones said...

Ahhhh I love Toast. I was also going to blog about them today. Hahaha.

The new catalogue has some amazing stuff in it doesn't it. Out of my price range but so inspirational :)


Annabelle said...

Great minds think alike hey?!

Go for it Lisa, they have got some amazing stuff.
Out of my price range too but good window shopping ;)

Andewyn Designs said...

Hooray for your run! The weather is turning here, so I'm looking forward to long runs and sweet breezes.. Can't wait to see your new work!



Annabelle said...

Thanks Adrienne! It was a little 'fresh' but perfect for me and my woolly hat.