03 April 2010

Off to see the world...

I wish!!

I have had traveling on my mind lately.

Have any of you heard about a Scottish guy called Mark Beaumont?
Back in February this year, he completed a mammoth trip cycling from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia in Southern Argentina. Not only that, he also climbed to the summit of the two highest peaks in the north and south of the Americas. Amazing!

I would love to do something like that, obviously on a MUCH smaller scale!

2CV 'off to see the world' pouch

I met another lovely lady thanks to Three Red Apples, called Hilda from Venezuela. We got chatting about Mexico, Venezuela, the Amazon etc, all places I would love to visit. So much to see out there!

With all this talk about traveling, I was right there when asked to make a makeup bag with an embroidered/appliqued picture with the theme of 'holidays'!

'off to see the world' pouch

I used a mix of vintage and new as usual, and padded it with eco friendly batting made from recycled plastic bottles.
The idea of the Citro├źn 2CV stacked up with suitcases was a bit of a light-bulb moment. I loooove 2CVs, such a classic French icon. It fills my mind with childhood memories of countryside, grandparents and squeaky suspension!

PS: I will be making more of those for my shops' shelves if you are interested...


Becca said...

Honestly, you made that? It's so neat.! I love it

Annabelle said...

haha thanks Becca! (very smug now)
I've just posted photos of a new one :)

pennycones said...

Ah you should make plans for a trip. A trip to anywhere is enough to re-vitalise my weeny brain! Haha...

I too love the 2CV. I actually saw a pale blue and cream one the other day. It was amazing.

This little purse is really really lovely. I love the quirkiness.


Annabelle said...

Thanks Lisa, don't think we can stretch it far enough for a trip... although I can be quite drastically frugal when I want something bad ;) It's always worth it!