26 May 2010

Vintage love...

Something I have been meaning to do for a while is to tell you about a few people I have met since starting Three Red Apples. People that I identify with, whose work I admire, inspiring people, and just generally nice people...
I have been working from home since I left Uni, but setting off this on new adventure has made me love it even more. The only downside for me was (apart from not working for myself) the lack of contact with people. I know some will roll their eyes at this, but it is true! Blogging, twitter, flickr and facebook make it a whole lot more sociable!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about Lisa over at Pennycones. I think we both started selling online around the same time. A little while back Lisa had a giveaway on her blog asking readers to comment about their favourite item in her shop. What a good idea I thought and commented! Only I felt a little embarrassed when I found out I'd won it. Just didn't feel right taking from someone starting out like me (I'm not entering anymore giveaways now haha!). I sent one of my little hearts for her little girl to make me feel better, and received this beautiful scarf... Not only that, she also added a little clay owl and a cross-stitch hanging, all beautifully wrapped.

little dress...

Pennycones is on Etsy where she is having a big sale on her already reasonably priced items. She has also just opened her very own online shop. Both are full of lovely stuff!
I'm a big fan of her dresses...

1980s summer dress 1970's Pale Blue Tunic Dress
1970's Slip/Dress 1960's Blue Print Day Dress

Psst: for discounts and updates, Pennycones is also on twitter and facebook.

**UPDATE!! Lisa's offering 20% off in her shop, how can you resist?! Use the code MAY1020.

(images link to their source)


follyandglee said...

ooh thank you for the introduction - I'm over there now.

pennycones said...

Wow Annabelle!!!

Thank you so much for this. A post all for me. Reading this has made me a little giddy and has honestly made my day. Made my week actually :)

I agree with what you say about the contact with other people on twitter, etc. So no eye rolling from me. Haha

The little scarf look perfect with that beautiful dress by the way.

Once again, thank you.