12 June 2010

what the...?

I got out of bed at 4:30 am this morning.
This is unheard of for me, unless it is to go on holiday...
No, I'm a 8 or 9am riser normally. In fact I am pretty sure I was a marmotte in a previous life, as each day I go into a near state of hibernation.

But this morning, my man got up to get ready for his early shift, and normally I only just wake up enough to say "good morning, are you tired?" (I always worry he doesn't get enough sleep, you know since I sleep so much...).
This morning though, impossible to go back to sleep, for my mind was preoccupied with this "time to be more prolific" statement I made yesterday.

So I got dressed; put on my red clogs thinking they would alert my man I was strangely up, saving him a fright; went straight to my studio; nodded a bit; had double my usual portion of toast with my morning hot chocolate (which is probably 4 times more than an average person eats, but it's 4:30!! how am I going to last till lunch time?!); did a few chores; and came back to the studio to gather my ingredients of the day...

loosing my marmotte ways

I think I might even go for my first ever 6:00am dog walk in the lovely morning light. I should make the most of it, it may never happen again!



icklebabe_com said...

Aw I love mornings like that, its nice to be the only one up, and the day seems so full of possibilities some how! Hope you have a great one ;D x

pennycones said...

Your 4.30am start sounds more romantic than mine with Edie!

But I do have to admit, its 'sometimes' nice to be up so early.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make with these lovely items :)

Enjoy the rest of the day.The weather seems to be perfect today. x

Bumpkin Bears said...

I just found you from Twitter. Love your creations. I always say to myself I must get up earlier and get more down in my studio, but each morning comes around and well.... 9am arrives! I was up at 4.30 the other morning if that counts, although it was in a hotel in Barcelona when I had to get up for an early flight back home from holiday! Sending lots of praise to you :) Catherine x

Annabelle said...

Thanks Helen and Lisa, it was surprisingly nice! However, as suspected, it hasn't happened again since!

Thanks for popping in Catherine! Haha yes, I'm like that too! My excuse is that I tend to work late... ;)