09 July 2010

Off to see the world...

Well... Derbyshire, England.

With a couple of little stops on the way to see a dear friend, and - to satisfy my other half's 'hairyplanes' needs, a visit to an Air Show.

I doubt it will be as glamorous as this...

Flight Students, 1939

Nope, there will be no hint of romanticism there.

However, this is where we are heading... the Peak District...

Scene from the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

I'm a sucker for period films.
I'll certainly be thinking about Lizzie in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice while climbing along Stanage edge.
I use to read quite a lot as a teenager, but somehow, I left my reading mojo in France when I moved here - result of my master plan of complete immersion in an attempt to improve my poor pigeon English.

Maybe it will come back while I am there...

Be well, and see you in two weeks! :)


PS: I am keeping my little shop open, please be aware that items purchased while I'm away will be shipped on the 26th July.

05 July 2010

Freshly picked...

freshly picked...

Let's hope these make it to the kitchen unlike the strawberries... :)

Happy Monday to you all!


02 July 2010


I got back in touch with a friend a couple of weeks ago, only to find out he and his partner had also set off on a new adventure.
They set up Wild in Style renting yurts in the beautiful Lake District. I don't know about you but that really appeals to me. There's something about them... big open spaces, Mongolia, nomadic lifestyle, free spirits...

My sister's partner's old uni mate (you still following?!) lives in a yurt in a field down here. I haven't seen it yet, but I so want to drop by out of pure curiosity! I just find it fascinating. He's such a nice bloke too, one of those people with a twinkle in their eye.

It got me dreaming about traveling again...

Clouds vs yurts

Driving the yaks


How fantastic do these photos look?!
A Mongolian 'Heidi' (actually might well be a Pierre or Peter...!)
I'm in love with the inside of this yurt, or ger to be precise. I really want some of that blue floral fabric!

Probably as well as their lifestyle and culture, the colourful and earthy style gypsies, bohemians, nomad people have is what appeals to me so much.

(all images link to their source)

01 July 2010

My happy place...

Last week, I set off in our camper with Jack, singing along with the radio as if off on holiday.
I was only going to collect my new old cabinet to stash my fabrics.

I somehow managed to drive straight to it, a barn in the middle of nowhere, after driving through a maze of country lanes.
A sure sign of things meant to be!

fabric cabinet

It took four days to get it in shipshape condition, and in the process, cured my obsession with painting everything (for now...).

I did enjoy the process nonetheless, there is no better way of getting to know a piece of furniture.
I found a maker's mark on the back of the cabinet and each of the three doors. Very exciting stuff indeed! It does seem to be a 1920s cabinet. I have yet to find out more... (any tips on where to find cabinet makers' identification marks?)

fabric cabinet

fabric cabinet

It's so nice to be able to glance at the fabric though the glass... I was hoping it would have a little more room left for more vintage finds, it is looking rather full already! A good reason to get sewing, if one was ever needed.

It is also the new home of one other studio essential, my radio. The only long wave one in the house so I can listen to French radio. A necessity so I don't forget my native language. In 4 years time, I will have spent as much time in each country, unreal...


As I type this in my happy den, surrounded by my favourite things, I dream of good things to come...

Sweet dreams to you!