09 July 2010

Off to see the world...

Well... Derbyshire, England.

With a couple of little stops on the way to see a dear friend, and - to satisfy my other half's 'hairyplanes' needs, a visit to an Air Show.

I doubt it will be as glamorous as this...

Flight Students, 1939

Nope, there will be no hint of romanticism there.

However, this is where we are heading... the Peak District...

Scene from the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice

I'm a sucker for period films.
I'll certainly be thinking about Lizzie in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice while climbing along Stanage edge.
I use to read quite a lot as a teenager, but somehow, I left my reading mojo in France when I moved here - result of my master plan of complete immersion in an attempt to improve my poor pigeon English.

Maybe it will come back while I am there...

Be well, and see you in two weeks! :)


PS: I am keeping my little shop open, please be aware that items purchased while I'm away will be shipped on the 26th July.


Anonymous said...

I would love to travel to England again! I always dreamed of living in England in my teenage and twentysomething years. Well, I still dream of it today, to tell the truth.
Have a gorgeous time and a wonderful vacation!

Kristy said...

Ooh not so far from me really.I love the Peak District it's so wildly beautiful. Enjoy x

The English Writer said...

I love the Peak District. We stayed there a couple of years ago in a gorgeous little cottage with a fire cus it was Feb. It was a lovely hol. Have a great time x

Annabelle said...

Thanks all! :))

Come over Jo! it's lovely... when the weather plays nice ;) actually I like it even when it doesn't.

Me too Kristy, we've been there a few times now and love it.

Karen, it does sound lovely! Must try that some time.

Federica said...

Dear annabelle, I have just met your blog and I have already fell in love with it ;)
your crafts are so pretty and original, I love your style! I also love the way your study is taking shape!
I will surely be a follower from now on.
Enjoy your trip around england, I suppose the air show you were talking about was the air tattoo? it's close to were I live (outskirts of swindon, wiltshire) and it seems to be quite famous..
I also hope to visit the peaj and lake district sooner or later, the landscapes must be amazing!

hugs federica

Annabelle said...

Thank you so much Federica, you have put a big smile on my face, what a lovely comment!

It was the air show in Yeovilton, a big one too. Quite enjoyed it (thanks to vintage planes and car, and of course the Red Arrows!)

Ah you must go and see both, the landscape are amazing! Though you do need a little luck with the weather...

Have a lovely day,
Annabelle xx