02 July 2010


I got back in touch with a friend a couple of weeks ago, only to find out he and his partner had also set off on a new adventure.
They set up Wild in Style renting yurts in the beautiful Lake District. I don't know about you but that really appeals to me. There's something about them... big open spaces, Mongolia, nomadic lifestyle, free spirits...

My sister's partner's old uni mate (you still following?!) lives in a yurt in a field down here. I haven't seen it yet, but I so want to drop by out of pure curiosity! I just find it fascinating. He's such a nice bloke too, one of those people with a twinkle in their eye.

It got me dreaming about traveling again...

Clouds vs yurts

Driving the yaks


How fantastic do these photos look?!
A Mongolian 'Heidi' (actually might well be a Pierre or Peter...!)
I'm in love with the inside of this yurt, or ger to be precise. I really want some of that blue floral fabric!

Probably as well as their lifestyle and culture, the colourful and earthy style gypsies, bohemians, nomad people have is what appeals to me so much.

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icklebabe_com said...

Lovely Lovely pics Annabelle!, takes me somewhere alien but very familiar somehow... Oh And I want some of that fabric too :)

pennycones said...

Now this, to me, is the ultimate in 'glamping'! I would love to stay in one.

I popped over to their website and was surprised that the cost of staying in one was pretty reasonable. I added the site into my 'faves'.

We are heading down to Cornwall for the anuual family hol. this year but I'd love to get myself back to the lakes again and the kids would love to stay in one of these!

Thanks for letting us all know :)


Annabelle said...

Thanks Helen, glad it's not just me! and thanks for the RT on twitter!

Lisa, Alex will be chuffed to hear that I'm sure!!
Ah we're almost doing a swap then, we're coming up to the Peaks this year :) Love the Lakes too... and Cornwall... we're so lucky to have all those beautiful places.


sylviesgarden said...

Oh I do love a yurt. You are right, there is just something about them.

Polly said...

Thank you so much for the introduction to a new Yurt site. They come a close runner up to staying in a treehouse for shere atmosphere and peace. The new site looks fab and they have a recipe for elderflower fitters - never done that!

Annabelle said...

me neither Polly, the champagne sounds pretty good too! I need to hurry because the flowers are disappearing fast around here.
Alex, you've more for us using elderberries? :)

La Pomme said...

I almost bought a yurt to install in our yard last year! Husband stopped me :(


Leililaloo said...

I'm a big fan of gypsy life as well..That Yurt looks really yummi! Pattern & Fabric paradise

Wendy said...

I love a good Yurt. I stayed in one in Mongolia and it was a godsend when a big earthquake hit!! We barely even noticed it. It was a fantastic experience!