05 August 2010

Almost back...

My mind is still in holiday mode...

Tomorrow I set off to visit my family back in Brittany for a few days. I'm taking the ferry across the Channel with my sis and her twin boys. It's going to be a proper family catch up with our Mum and Dad, and our other sis.
Mmmmm... nice foooood!

We enjoyed climbing in the Peaks, but sadly the rain arrived at the same time as us. Typical! We made the most of it, and surprisingly did a fair bit. We were both tired by the end of the two weeks, but good tired which is always sign of a good holiday.
Holidays are so important to both of us, they have to be active and there has to be lots of them. I would honestly live on beans on toast if it meant we can go away and do something exciting (not sure Ade would go as far as that though ;)
Time to plan the next one methinks...

vintage planes & cars
Vintage planes and cars at the Air Show we visited on our way up.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer! What are you up to?!

Things will be back to normal for me by the end of next week. I'm really looking forward to making some new stuff. I have a few ideas floating, can't wait!



Kristy said...

Hope you have a great time back home. See you when you get back. Glad you enjoyed the Peak District even in the rain.

pennycones said...

I did think about you when the weather kicked in here :(

Well I'm glad you braved it and still had fun.

I have started thinking about our next trip too! I guess its just something to focus on and get excited about. Maybe thats just me?!

Anyway lucky lady, enjoy France. xxx