09 December 2010

A lil' branch of glee...

It has started!

The tree is up, decorations are out, holly and ivy will be picked soon...

I made quite a few decorations this year, some snowflakes and origami stars (here's a origami star/wreath tutorial if you fancy making some too), some *cough* bits I can't talk about but if you have an eagle eye... (said that really quickly without moving my lips). I found some cute pony decorations at a car booty last weekend, but I also re-discovered what I had bought in the sales after Christmas last year (impressed heh? how nifty is that?!).

a lil' glee on the mantlepiece

Can you believe it's only two weeks til Christmas? Still so much to do!

Adrian says he hates Christmas, but really what he means is he hates having to find presents. Maybe he should have a go at making presents too, because for someone who hates going shopping at the best of times, facing the Christmas crowds is truly horrendous.

We both got in the festive mood the other night by making some mince pies together. Well... when I say making... we bought some pastry and some filling, and put the two together :) Needless to say they're all gone now, another batch to come for sure.

a lil' glee on the mantlepiece

I hope you are all getting into a gleeful mood too!


PS: So pleased you liked my easy peasy tutorial. Thanks my dears for all your comments :)