25 February 2011

And the winner is...

Technical issues, weather, demanding actors, missing assistant...
Ah... the spanners in the works of my draw director debut.

Still, in the face of adversity, the show did go on... Successfully I might add, for we have a very clear winner whose name did not end up in Jacks belly.

Ze draw...
If you look closely (zoom in) you can just about make out the name in Jack's mouth :)

The winner is... the lovely Lizzet!!

"What a lovely giveaway... specially because it made me remember of lots of great moments from my childhood and realise that I am a lucky person even if I don't win a hoop.

I remember once I was playing with one of my sisters that I was a hairdresser and she was my client and to get that super shinny effect that you see in the TV ads I generously poured baby oil all over her hair! I certainly achieved that shinny look but her hair was rather flat and lacking body :S My mother must have had spent a good half an hour washing the oil out and maybe even used half a bottle of shampoo... needless to say my career as a hairdresser was over ;)"

Congratulations Lizzet, and a big thank you for making me chuckle with your lovely tale of mischief! (I am sure the result was lovely and shiny... teehee :)
I am so pleased my little giveaway brought back happy memories.

Thank you very, very much to everyone of you who entered, I wish I could make each one of you a winner... Your stories brought many smiles to my face as I read and re-read them.

Keep that little spark of armless mischief going, I swear it makes your life the better for it.

Annabelle x


Lizzet said...

Thank you so much Annabelle and Jack! I probably know your designs by heart because I have browse and view them so many time in both your website and your etsy shop.

I will send you an email with my chosen design in the next day or so. xx

Thank you again :)

Clara said...

Congrats to Lizzet!