16 February 2011

The 'nearly' giveaway

thank you

I'm just a little bit excited to announce my first ever giveaway... the 'nearly' giveaway!

Named so not because you nearly get a little bit of goodness from my shop (here's a hoop, go make your own ;) et bien non... for it refers to my 'nearlies'.

•• nearly 200 lovely blog followers
•• nearly 500 just as lovely twitter followers
•• nearly 100 sales in my Etsy shop
•• nearly 2500 Etsy shop hearts
•• and nearly 300 facebook 'likers' (actually just gone over 300 but let's not spoil my perfect title)

And that, my friends, gives me the perfect excuse for a 'nearly' giveaway. My way of thanking you for visiting my little shop and for your lovely comments & support.

The prize...

A hoop of your choice from my shop.

The rules...

#1 Please leave a comment here on my blog, but not just any comment - 'gah!' just wouldn't do it :)
In the spirit of 'one should not take oneself too seriously' and 'find your inner child', please share a little tale of mischief performed by you or yours.
You might, for example :) have taken all the labels off cans of food at your friend's house, the type of friend who would take all the slats out of your bed, or stick post-its on *everything* in sight.

#2 Make sure you leave me a way of contacting you (preferably email).

#3 Anyone, anywhere, can take part.

#4 Spread the word if you feel like it.

#5 I will close the giveaway on Thursday 24th Feb (12:00 GMT), and announce the winner the following day, on Fri 25th Feb.

#6 My train set, my rules (that doesn't really mean anything, just like the way it sounds).

The results...

The winner will be picked at random by Jack-the-dog, who will have a practice run (or two) beforehand to ensure a perfectly smooth 'live' draw - I have slight concerns over him eating the name of the winner, but fear not, small glitches such as these will be ironed out BD (before draw - techy talk here, we are taking this very seriously indeed).

~ Giveaway is now closed ~

Annabelle x


OrangeFarmhouse said...

wow I would love to be the new owner of one of your hoops! But I have a little bit a problem by finding the right answer to your first rule... I think I'm the person how nearly does all of those things but doesn't dare to... so I hope that will not make me the nearly winner....

Moobaacluck said...

I was also a sickeningly good child. Apart from allowing myself to be bossed into doing naughty things that weren't even noticed and feeling aggreived I can't think of a thing. I once snorted polystyrene up my nose wondering what would happen. I was 5 or 6. The doctor had to be called. Will that do?! bisous Gabs

cbryan said...

Oh have I got the perfect story! When I was a little one my mom bought a box of Cheerios that had a picture of some candy on the front of the box, so I of course thought there was candy IN the box. So I dumped the whole thing into a big pan. I was pretty sad that there was no candy, but then I thought, maybe if I add milk the Cheerios will turn into candy! We didn't have any milk... so I poured an entire gallon of orange juice into the pan. The second nothing happened, I realized how stupid I was being and so I hid the pan under the couch. I have no idea how long it was hidden there, or who found my mess in the end. But I'm sure it wasn't a pretty sight!

lou said...

Oooo how lovely a great giveaway! Well done on your nearlys!

When I was little I used to pull my cats whiskers out, which then made it unable to judge sizes of gaps and it got stuck in the fence of our garden... it looked so wierd a cat with no whiskers! I blamed my youngest brother! Ooooo I hope no one tells.

email: taloullah at hotmail dot com

Heidi Sue said...
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Heidi Sue said...

Well, I'm not one for mischief but last year I went with a friends to visit our parents (her parents live in the same area), my husband called soon after we had arrived and asked how the trip went. I made up a big story about how we blew a tire on the highway, we were still hours from our destination blah blah blah. He totally fell for it. I'm a good liar when I need to be. (Otherwise, I'm as honest as they come!) I finally let him in on the joke, needless to say, he was quite relieved!

(Whoops, I forgot to leave my email so I deleted my previous comment.)

heidisue88 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Maureen said...

A few weeks ago I went on a girls weekend trip with my bestest. One of us was missing though and it wouldn't have been the same without her. So I made a life size head cut out and took some really funny pictures of her on the trip. She tood a shower, played Scattergories, tended to the fire, ate dinner and washed the dishes.

Nesha said...

When I was little I use to put food behind our fridge that I didn't want to eat. The day came when my mom smelled something funky and noticed it was coming from behind the fridge. Well she pulled the fridge out to see what the smell was...... there was about a couple years worth of vegetables, etc... My mom had a good laugh :).

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

I was always the kid who thought ahead before I did things - but I do have a funny story about my son. When he was about 3 he decided he wanted to clean his room with baby powder and lotion - it made a wonderful paste. The next day at the grocery store I said out loud is there anything else we need? He replied Powder!!!
itchinstitchin at gmail dot com

Speedie said...

I want a hoop! I want a hoop! I was usually too afraid to get in trouble to do anything too mischievous, however, there was this one time... My dad was an elementary school teacher and I would stay after school in his room. While he was out of the room, I would open up the desks and look for quarters. Since I couldn't just take the quarter without replacing it with something, I would make glue quarters (you know, make a pile of glue, let it dry, peel it up..voila, a glue quarter). It was my way of assuaging my guilt.

Michelle said...

I would love to enter your lovely giveaway...

My kids love playing tricks on me...Like covering my bed cover in sticky dots...It was in the shape of a heart...
got to love the that there was thought put into it...

mooncalf said...

I have two six month old kittens living in y house and every day is a new opportunity for mischief. Little mysterious disappearances, tiny acts of destruction, the discovery of a cache of ball point pens down the side of the fridge, a broken valentine's rose, a chewed-through phone charger...

I wonder what today will bring?

Inbal said...

Well, when I think of mischief-making I automatically think of my three cat Mafia. Guido is the worst out of the three and from jumping on to tops of the kitchen units to bringing in a live pigeon, the actually funniest by far is this (and I wasn't even there to see it):
My husband was playing with a mirror with one of the other cats (she loves chasing the light reflection). while she was running around on the floor after it, Guido was watching from the bed. My hubby then reflected the light onto the wall at which point Guido pounced - Ending up smearing himself (yes, like a cartoon character) onto the wall, and slipped down it.
He was fine... my husband was in stitches.

Caroline said...

When I was little I used to get annoyed at my older sister as she was so perfect and tidy and clean, and I was always breaking my toys and such, so I deliberately used to break hers.

I remember throwing her Etch a Sketch down the stairs, and I also poked the eyes out of her doll. She has just had this doll repaired and it happened about 32 years ago, it cost a fortune apparently.

Sorry Sis xxx

Carol Anne said...

I don't remember any good stories of me being mischievious but I did have a friend who would hide fruit in the chandeliers of another of our friend's house. It always made me laugh when we would go over there and the fruit would still be there! :)


teeny tiny house said...

oh my....there are so many stories of mischief from my childhood ....which to choose....my brother and i once took a bite out of every apple hanging on my neighbours prized tree....just because they refused to give back the ball we were constantly kicking over the fence...what naughty little children we were
lucy xx

Tilly said...

mmm I wasn't a very naughty child I was a bit of a geek really! but I my brothers loved collecting jam jars full of spiders to terrify me with the little horrors though it was great fun collecting loads of big hairy spiders to terrify there older sister
Simplylabradors at aol dot com ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to get in he van before my mom, and turn everything that there was to turn on full blast...windsheild wipers, radio, fan and then watch her scramble to turn it all off. Also gave her a blindfolded "taste test" of various foods and have her guess, and proceeded to give her a tablespoon of tobasco sauce...then ran to grab her bread as she gasped for it. Yeah, not the sweetest child.

Anonymous said...

I meant "the" van :)

Iris said...

My sister and I once put our rabbit in a slipper to keep him warm and the poor thing almost suffocated...
Love, Iris

Julie said...

Love mischief-making: it can add a lot of laughs to the day ... most recently emailed the new mums at school to let them know the rules for book day ... no reusing costumes, no synthetic materials, and your child has to recite a chapter of their book before they're allowed in school: we do have quite a strict school so no-one batted an eyelid!

Jenny said...

Ooh a lovely giveaway, well done on so many followers...etc! I was a really goody goody child for the most part, though I do remember cutting holes in my brand new school socks as I hated them... 'Look mum, they've got holes in already and I've only worn them once!' haha, my sister also cut the whiskers off our cat Spot, and then completely denied it (despite still having the scissors in her hands at the time) :) Jenny x

pennycones said...

Hey Lady, now of course I'm going to enter this comp of yours!!

Well I was a little mischief maker. I was about 5 years old and my best friend and I sneaked into the cloakroom at our infant school and put lots of woodlice into everyones lunchboxes for them to see at lunchtime. Yep we got into big trouble and got hit with the metre ruler stick!


missielizzie said...

What a lovely giveaway!

When me and my twin brother were younger, we used to play tricks on our younger brother (we were a bit mean to be honest!). Years later I found a notebook with my 8 year old's writing inside. There was a page entitled "tricks to play on David" which included such delights as, 'call him upstairs then when he's halfway up, throw a soft book at him!' How wicked (but at least it wasn't a hardback I suppose!!)


katie f said...

i like that we have to share something to get an entry! this is cool. when i think im taking something too seriously, or my bo tells me so, i make the silliest faces i can on photobooth or in the mirror, sometimes i even pull a natalie portman (via garden state) and do a silly dance on the spot for a few seconds. how can you take yourself seriously when you act like the biggest weirdo??

fingers are crossed!
@kfar53 (tweet! tweet!)

Lizzet said...

What a lovely giveaway... specially because it made me remember of lots of great moments from my childhood and realise that I am a lucky person even if I don't win a hoop.

I remember once I was playing with one of my sisters that I was a hairdresser and she was my client and to get that super shinny effect that you see in the TV ads I generously poured baby oil all over her hair! I certainly achieved that shinny look but her hair was rather flat and lacking body :S My mother must have had spent a good half an hour washing the oil out and maybe even used half a bottle of shampoo... needless to say my career as a hairdresser was over ;)

Clara said...
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Clara said...

I once sent a phony "love letter" to my brother who was always shy around those he did not know but a terror around me. He was shy about girls so I penned a note and plastered it with perfume and mailed it to him. This was of course, for the many jokes I'd had to bear so I was not worried about him. He turned beet red upon receiving the letter and remained that way for days. My parents were the ones that teased him the most! I just grinned. I rather think he began to like the possibility of it all. I was happy.

I hope this gives me an entry for your lovely giveaway. clarascrochetroom@gmail.com

21 FEBRUARY 2011 12:10

Marnie Joy said...

I once had a roommate that left out a cast of her teeth. I in a fit of mischief placed them between her sheets. She never said a word but a month or so later I found them when putting on my hiking boots! And so the game went back and forth for a whole year those plaster teeth showing up in all sorts of places but never being spoken of. :) marniejoy(a)gmail.com

Julia said...

What a gorgeous giveaway, I would love to take part please!
Being a pretty good child myself I didn't create too much mischief, although one thing comes to mind:
Me, my sister and a friend used to attend ballet class, between lessons and being terribly bored, we got ourselves up onto the theatre stage and were capering about like lunatics when I stumbled onto some scenery which came crashing down pulling the theatre curtains down with it, so revealing the mischievous culprits at the same time!! Our dance teacher was furious, she went purple - we had a right dressing down but it makes me chuckle to think of it now!

Great blog, beautiful work,
Love Julia

GinFace said...

Pick me Jack-the-dog!!

Me and my friend once put one of those sticky security tags under the inner sole of my brother's shoe so that every time he went in and out of shops the alarm went off! fairly amusing.


Laura said...

I just love your shop and I would love to win! I usually followed the rules as a kid. But in college, a friend and I took her roommate's mattress and covered her bed in paper to look like normal. She got quite a surprise when she went to crawl into bed.


suburbansider said...

What a delightful give away!
I will share something funny my six year old said.
He always says funny things and I am not looking forward to the day when he "grows up" out of this stage.
He has just started school .
He came home after school last week and asked me if he was desperate.
I said no and he looked sad.
I said "why do you want to be desperate, do you know what desperate means?"
He said "it means you are being good. Teacher says you can only go to the toilet if you are desperate."

andrea creates said...

hmm, i'm not too much of a mischief maker but this came to mind.we have some cardboard cutouts of famous people that we like to place just inside a door sometimes, to scare the person that doesn't expect it ;)
love your shop-and the hoops :)

sew obsessed said...

I've been thinking about it so much, I nearly missed entering!
On one of my OH's first visits to see my Gran we went with my sister for afternoon tea!
It wasn't until he started tucking into the food my Gran had 'prepared' that I realised after a glance at my sister that I'd forgotten to tell him to never eat any of the food that my Gran prepares and to even be wary of the pre-packed food because she doesn't believe in best-before-dates.
So for example a tin of tuna can sit in her fridge, open for many weeks before she would consider it too smelly to eat.
It's long been decided in our family that she has a cast iron stomach!!
So even our parents use to tell us not to eat the food and we would find ingenious ways of hiding it and getting rid of it!
Anyway back to that afternoon tea!!
My OH was tucking into the sandwiches and I could see a look on his face that something wasn't quite right, but being so polite he continued to eat his way through a mound of tinned salmon sandwiches.
I thought for a minute of telling him to stop, but realising this might actually make the situation worse especially if he started to gag!! I decided to let him carry on.
It wasn't until we left and got into the car and he saw my sister and I emptying our handbags that I spilled the beans!!!
He finally saw the funny side once he'd had a couple of beers!
Maybe he also has a cast iron stomach!!

Brilliant giveaway, I have my fingers and toes crossed!