15 March 2011

Crochet and French classics...


This time last year I got myself a hook and decided to learn how to crochet.

And... quickly gave up. I blame it on a short attention span and the inability to follow instructions :)

I couldn't deal with all the fiddly stuff, and thought there must have been a reason my grandma gave up teaching me how to knit.
Looking back, it could have been a game of belote that distracted her, a VERY competitive French card game, which 'les grands' would play after each family meal at my grandparents', while we, the kids, would go and play in the straw and hay pile.
Nothing could illustrate how competitive the game gets better than the line "Tu me fends le coeur..." *said in a southern accent*, from a classic Marcel Pagnol book & film, where the characters play (insert 'cheat') a game of belote. It's hilarious! Have a little look if you have a spare minute.

Anyway, back to the crocheting, I picked it up again when Christmas came around to make a couple of garlands for my sisters. I finally seem to be getting the hang of it, and I'm loving it!

After the cushions I made myself last month, I thought a little crocheted cushion would feel right at home next to them. I also had a go at crocheted hangers following (in the loosest kind of way) Dottie Angel's tutorial.

Crocheted hangers

Of course, each hanger is made slightly differently :)
It took the first one to realised what 'worsted' weight yarn is, then I messed up, then tried something else, and finally settled for double knit and triple crochet instead...

I love that about crochet, you can make it up as you go, perfectly perfect for me and my short attention span.

Annabelle x


SAMI. said...

i wish i could crochet!


pennycones said...

Ah well done you!!

Looks fantastic Annabelle :)

I didn't bother trying again. Haha


Itchin' Stitchin' said...

Love the colors you chose! I am right with you with my hooky adventures.

andrea creates said...

looks great! i can crochet simple things but haven't gotten to hangers yet.
love your color scheme too :)

kirsty said...

I am determined to learn this year. My aunt tried to teach me once but I felt really cack-handed! Will attempt again one day - especially after reading this post!

Jody McDowell said...

those hangers are so awesome! great job :)