18 June 2011

Easy like a birthday morning

Easy like a birthday morning...

Singing along to Adele, tunes...

Spending a little time on me, doing eye make-up, rare...

Trying my new tripod, with smiley eyes and head rocking, bliss...

Easy like a birthday morning...

A perfect birthday morning thanks to my man.
The tripod and Adele albums (not one but two :), his gift to me *smiles*

I also worked out it was my 11680th hot chocolate and toast breakfast. If it ain't chocolate, it ain't breakfast!

Easy like a birthday morning...

Now if it could only stop raining so I can ruin my lovely eye make-up to go camping wild on the moors...

Wishing you a morning as lovely as mine.

Annabelle x

10 June 2011

A source of much silliness...

I have had the most quiet of mornings, yawn, oh I did receive this in the post... No big deal really. Ade, as my witness, will tell you I did not clap my hands like a primary school kiddy, or do a ridiculous knees up dance, nor did my voice go up several pitches... no, no, no. It was quite a sedate affair.

First glossy mag feature!!!

LOOOK!!!!!! That's me, right there in a glossy magazine! And a GREAT one at that!
(I must add that Ade was just as frantically flicking through the pages, which made me even happier!).

There's a little feature on me in Fresh Style, a special publication by the publishers of Southern Lady Magazine from across the pond, AND editor Andrea Fanning used some of my hoops in her styling of a bedroom makeover!!

Oh my little heart...!

I had seen pdfs of the feature and bedroom makeover, but there's nothing like holding the magazine in your hands to make it real.

From being contacted a few months ago by editorial assistant Becky, to this is quite surreal! (Thanks Becky!)

First glossy mag feature!!!

The magazine is a great read from start to finish: features on some mighty ladies: Amy Butler, Ashley Ann Campbell and Heather Bailey, fabby projects for us DIYers, and much, much eye candy.
If you fancy getting your hands on a copy, you can order it here