12 July 2011

Commission work

Gosh, the summer is whizzing past, many things to share with you, gathering photos, why does this sound like a telegram -(stop)-

I hope you are all well -(stop)- thank you for your kind messages -(stop)- now I have started telegram speak I can't stop -(stop)- could be worse -(stop)- could have been lol speak -(stop)- dat lukey u noes :)

In the meantime, here are a few shots of a commission I did last month.
I must admit, I struggled a little with the religious side of the poem, but I am pleased with the result, and more importantly the lady who commissioned it loved it. She took it to the framers the day it arrived, super efficient!

Poem commission

Poem commission

Poem commission

Poem commission

PS: I'll be back with my latest thrifted finds, some crocheted goodness and studio reshuffle... birthday tripod is seeing much action :)


emma lamb said...

Annabelle, so lovely to have you back again... :)
Oh, and your commission is stunning! I imagine all that embroidery must have taken so long and must have been quite tough on your hands and eyes with such tiny detail! Your embroidery looks impeccable though, really beautiful work regardless of the content... :)
Emma, x

nicke said...

Wowzza's thats long but very gorgeous glad u felt to share, its absolutly beautiful xx

Jane said...

so beautiful, such patience you must have
x x x x x x x x

Vic said...

This is seriously amazing.... I don't know what else to say!

Jody McDowell said...

wow, this is so impressive! what a piece!

Jenny Holiday said...

This is just so so incredibly lovely!!! :)