05 August 2011

Bit of limelight...

My, my, my...!

Feeling pretty lucky and excited with not one - no siree, but two features in print this month!

Both beautiful mags to the touch & eye...

Mollie Makes...
Mollie Makes

"Living and loving handmade" makes it right up my street, add to that "making, collecting, thrifting, crafting" and I'm hooked. If you're on Twitter, Facebook or follow blogs the chances are you will have heard of it!

It's a UK mag but available overseas too. It can be hard to get hold of outside old Blighty, but fear not, for they sell the digital version online.

Oh, and you've got to check out this cute video they made.

Artful Blogging...

Artful Blogging...
Artful Blogging

I have to say I didn't know about Artful Blogging before this feature, but what a beautiful magazine!
There are no ads so you get well over a hundred pages of great content, as the title suggests, all about inspiring blogs. This issue also features Holly from Decor8 no less, and many, many other talented people.

I'm still pinching myself, I can't quite believe how it's happened but it's bloody awesome! How many pages all to myself?? :))

This one is a US mag, but you can also get hold of it in other countries, try here to get your hands on a copy.

A huuuge thank you to both magazines for featuring lil' ol' me.

Well, I think I need a cuppa after all this excitement.


01 August 2011

Little things that make me happy: la vaisselle

In the last few months, I have been on a mission to replace our starter home crockery, and about time too! Not only there are chips here and there, but it is all rather plain and boring.

'Course I wasn't about to go into a shop, choose, buy and job done. What's the fun in that? Oh no... it has to be thrifted and pre-loved. I have had to be very patient (hmm... does me good I suppose) for the perfect pieces to find me (fussy moi?), but my little collection is now steadily growing :)

My current obsession is with 3 designs from 3 countries: US, UK and France. *Tries to get silly joke format out of mind, "There an American, an Englishman and a Frenchman in a bar..." nooo... *


I found this set (sadly incomplete) of Corelle by Corning in Spring Blossom / Crazy Daisy pattern, plates, bowls, cups & saucers. I am a total newbie when it comes to vintage kitchenware, so I bought it and then found out more about it. It made the whole process even more exciting!! (license to snigger granted).


While it is quite easy to find in the US where it comes from, it's much harder to find here. That will make the task of completing the set that bit harder, especially when a quick search on Etsy brings up so many of the pieces I need, if only the postage cost wasn't so high *sigh*.
Still, I'm sure something will turn up somehow. I already spied a little set in one of my fav vintage shop (Glagow based), Peony and Thistle, shame it's not the pieces I am after.

Corelle | Arcopal | JAJ

Then came along the French Arcopal cups (middle). I found these last week in Emmaus on my trip back to Brittany to visit my Mum & Dad, quite easy to find over there. I almost bought some plates and bowls but sadly ran out of time :(
There were still boxes and boxes of crockery to look through but they were closing. The ones I found weren't in tip top shape so I left them (unlike Corelle, Arcopal patterns can deteriorate). Another time...
I first saw this pattern called Scania (thank you Nana Odile for the pattern name. You must check her flickr photostream, it's full of gorgeous vintage goodness!), when the lovely Emma Lamb found her fab Arcopal jug. Love at first sight! I have grown up eating out of Arcopal dishes
but didn't know this pattern. Love the colour, and they go so perfectly with my green Corelle cups.

And then there's British made JAJ Cottage Rose. I have only got one little bowl (on the right), there will be more I am sure, too pretty :)

Annabelle x

PS: Phew! I managed to keep 3 man joke references at bay. Just as well because a) there're always rubbish jokes & b) I'm hopeless at telling jokes. Either I'm giggling and unable to finish or I spoil it by telling it wrongly.

PPS: Obsession #4 is Pyrex