26 September 2011

What do you do...?

My friends got married on Thursday. Such a perfect day... the people, the setting... (in the beautiful green rolling hills of Devon, so close to my heart).
Sometimes these occasions throw a little surprise into the mix too, when you meet really interesting people. There were these 'shoats' (are they sheep, are they goats?) in the field in front of the country house... no, that's not it. I met someone who must also have difficulty filling in the field 'occupation' in insurance quotes, product designer, writer and lecturer at Chicago's School of the Art Institute, Tim Parsons. Of course there is never enough time between drinks, boogying, bouncing (reluctantly I might add, due to attire and picture snappers, hmm...) on space hoppers, and all that malarkey, to find out more which is why I am very glad he gave me his card.

What an interesting life he must lead! After a little peek through his website pages, his last installation is what caught my eye: Adhocism (with Jess Charlesworth, Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago - sadly ended in the Summer). It looked at using an ad hoc approach to product design.
As I started reading it dawned on me, I am an adhocist *pause for effect* (do you think I can use that in my insurance quotes?), most of us are, or at least were, as kids. I always thought of it as fudging, but fudger, or even fudgist, and fudgism not only don't sound half as good, they are quite inaccurate. My lovely made up tables and shelves are no slapdash job, they are a thing of beauty :)
Adhocism fits right in with our beloved 'mend and make do', reuse and recycle...

The term comes from Charles Jencks and Nathan Silver's 1972 book "Adhocism: The Case for Improvisation".
Before I ruin it with my fudgisms, here is a quote which sums it all:

"Adhocism is the art of living and doing things ad hoc - tackling problems at once, using materials at hand, rather than waiting for the perfect moment or "proper" approach."
Charles Jencks

I see you nodding knowingly :)

So next time Ade disses my inspired ideas using whatever I find lying around, and says "let's do it properly", I can call on the adhocism principles!

Annabelle x

PS: I can't leave you without any photos so here is a little hoop line up and my latest embroidery designs - a little bigger that usual in 10" hoops. (in the shops, as usual!)

Hoop line up... embroidery hoop art by Three Red Apples

embroidery hoop art by Three Red Apples

Let's go! embroidery hoop art by Three Red Apples


Lea Stone said...

Absolutely love your hoops :)
They're just my style!!

Tra Wright Knox said...

Dearest! Am loving your work more and more! Adore the 'shop til you drop'.

Crafted by Carly said...

Hi Annabelle,

These are just GORGEOUS!!! You're so talented! I especially love the 'let's go' one - it's so much fun!!! :-)

By the way, whereabouts in Devon are you? My husband and I lived in Exmouth before we moved to Duesseldorf 8 years ago! We still visit a few times a year (to see the in-laws).



koralee said...

These are pretty amazingly beautiful! Love your blog...love your work..Happy Friday. xoxoo

Catherine Denton said...

Your hoops are so fun and whimsical. It's art in string. I found you through Artful Blogging and I'm so glad I did. :D
My Blog

For my Girl Nina said...

Hi Annabelle,
Absolutely love your blog and love your creative embroidery.
So inspiring... I actually went out and bought an embroidery attachment for my sewing machine.
If you fancy a look and link at my blog, it's called
For My Girl Nina
All things girly, creative and child friendly
All the best.

pennycones said...

Adhocism! You just hit the nail on the head! I might use this now. Haha...

Gorgeous embroidery as always Annabelle. xxx

muriel said...

I came across your work through Sew Somerset and had to browse your blog straight away. I love it: your projects and your mood too. All of it very inspiring.

suburbansider said...

Of course I've heard of "ad hoc" before but never knew "adhocism" was "a thing" - I love it, brilliant. Thank you - I feel enlightened

Shahrul Niza said...

Hi Annabelle, I saw your website in Artful Blogging magazine. Since I just started blogging like last week or so, I decided to visit all the beautiful bloggers sites in the magazine.

You have many GREAT artwork here! I LOVE them..ALL of them. I can sew a bit .. emergency sewing lol. But that's about all. I will definitely visit here again. Bye!

oh, my new blog is at :

Anonymous said...

Saw you in several magazines lately and finally had a minute to check out your shop and your blog! Glad I did!

cathy said...

Did I tell you already how much I love these!

NessaKnits said...

Technically ... you are a Textile Artist. Put that down for the Insurance paperwork!

Georgia said...

Your work is amazing! Congratulations and I wish you the best:)

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog by chance looking for artists who use embroidery in their work and am certainly not disappointed by what I found here and on your website so will be back with intent:0)
Loved this post for many reasons, it made me smile, it informed me and had me nodding in agreement.