25 January 2012

Huh oh...

Oh crap... September since my last visit here...

(There are better ways to start a blog post, quite sure of that, but since my online chitter-chatter and attention span have come to next to nowt, no deleting and starting again, I'm rolling with it or it'll be another four months.)

Yet lots has happened since... Where to start?? Maybe a little fast-forward a la speedy gonzales (plus it'll do my shoddy memory some good, albeit a tad boring for you). The last few months have gone a little like this:
work, work, Mallorca, work, France (many thrifty finds to show you), poorly doggie, work, work, work (new canvases, hoops, prints), France, Christmas, work, new year, poorly other half, woooooork (silly hours upgrading back-end of my shop) ZzzZzzzwork (still working silly hours on website), Zzzz..., tax return (meh), work (on opening 'nother shop, NOTHS invite, wooo...), today.


Somewhere in there, I lost my blogging mojo. I even lost my blog reading mojo. Miserable heh?

Luckily two of my favourite ladies have started new ramblings over here. Just what the doctor ordered :)

{off to strap a board to my feet in the white stuff next week, but I'll be back properly after that, promised!}

Annabelle x