15 February 2012

Introducing... my sister

Before Christmas I hopped back over to France to visit one of my sisters. It was a très special visit for I was coming to see the fruit of months of hard work and the start of her new adventure as a furniture designer.
I wasn't disappointed, no way josé, I have one very clever sis!

When we arrived where she was exhibiting at the time, before I got to see her pieces, she got chatting with the owner, and chatting, and chatting... (a right chatterbox, I am positively withdrawn next to her :)
So leaving them to it, I went off to find them and this is what I found... (or at least one of them)

Magnifique, non??
Beautiful craftsmanship, beautiful lines... and my favourite wood, solid oak.

Of course I had seen photos before but there's nothing like seeing them in the flesh (or in the grain :)

Much more of her Collection Florentine to see over on her website.


Jacqui Wise said...

Lovely design. I wish your sister all the best in her new venture.

Crafted by Carly said...

Wow! That's amazing! I hope things go well for your sister!

Margie said...

A stunning piece! Wow, no lack of talent in your fam!

edusson com said...

I really hope that your visit to your sister went really well and you enjoyed it and had fun! Plus this is a fabulous chest