16 February 2012

Little things that make me happy: Ze Emmaüs trip

The second exciting part of my little hoppity hop over to France was going to the thrifting goldmines that are Emmaüs shops. I can't think of a better way to spend quality time with my sister.
Luckily I have two sisters who love to do a bit of rummaging as much as I do. They came up trumps when they last caught up in France, and I got truly spoilt.

After all the lovelies they'd found, to say that I was excited to visit those same shops is putting it mildly. Oh I was not disappointed... I flew across with hand luggage and came back with a suitcase full!


Vintage loveliness

I got a little mountain worth of fabric, a lot of it forms this happy pile...


Vintage wallpaper

Some more vintage wallpaper... (Love that label! :)


Vintage dress/tunic

A little vintage dress/tunic... It had binding on all the edges and the pocket (yes it has a pocket! love pockets on dresses!) which I had to unpick. I just need to sew some to replace it before I can wear it.


Tin & egg cup

A lovely tin and eggcup... I was on high alert looking for these particular Arcopal eggcups. This wasn't the print I was looking for but they are equally lovely (I found four of them, and found one more in the Scania print which is the one I was scouring for). The lovely vase was a Christmas gift from Patricia, great colour and it goes perfectly well with my teal jug.


My doily cake :)

I also found a few more doilies to add to the 'doily cake'.

Ah the thrill of thrifting! :) There's more too, I need to gather them from around the house and take a few snaps.

Annabelle x


Ted and Agnes said...

Oh My what a delightful haul...I'm off to catch a ferry :)

Crafted by Carly said...

Wow! You found a lot of great stuff!!!
I love the 'doily cake'!!! :-)

Margie said...

Eureka! You hit the jackpot.

P.S. FYI, I really don't like the new word verfications I am seeing here and there. Too difficult to make out most of the time which requires at least two attempts! Three strikes, I won't bother!

Annabelle said...

Thank Margie! I hate that captcha word verification thingy too. I thought it was disabled but it must have switched back on when I changed comments to pop up window (had to cos sometimes the comment box disappeared...). Anyway should be fixed now! :)

Anonymous said...

testy, testy, begone captcha thingy with a ridiculous name...

Annabelle said...

Yep looks like it's gone...

Jacqui Wise said...

Love your tin and of course the beautiful pile of fabric. Some lovely finds!

Flávia e Cristiana said...

Olá! Adorei suas publicações. Um abraço.