21 March 2012

Well I never...

This year is a year of "well I never..."s

I think you'll agree with me, having my little clucking chickens in Country Living magazine (woooaaaaa!) is most definitely a "well I never" moment if there was ever one.

('Course I knew there was a chance I would be in it, but I wasn't sure until I saw it. Must have been those firmly crossed fingers!)

Country Living

This comes after last month's "well I never..." with another little hoop featured in another of my favourite magazines, Mollie Makes.

Mollie Makes

And that was after finding out I was in Cloth Paper Scissors' Studios magazine.

Studios magazine

Crikey, you still with me? I have two more... A little feature in Southern Lady Magazine, and the lovely Australian online magazine Etzcetera

Feeling most grateful indeed! :)