21 March 2012

Well I never...

This year is a year of "well I never..."s

I think you'll agree with me, having my little clucking chickens in Country Living magazine (woooaaaaa!) is most definitely a "well I never" moment if there was ever one.

('Course I knew there was a chance I would be in it, but I wasn't sure until I saw it. Must have been those firmly crossed fingers!)

Country Living

This comes after last month's "well I never..." with another little hoop featured in another of my favourite magazines, Mollie Makes.

Mollie Makes

And that was after finding out I was in Cloth Paper Scissors' Studios magazine.

Studios magazine

Crikey, you still with me? I have two more... A little feature in Southern Lady Magazine, and the lovely Australian online magazine Etzcetera

Feeling most grateful indeed! :)



Yoko said...

Looking awesome!! Congrats:):)

Jacqui said...

You deserve all the attention. Your little embroidery hoops are so unique and beautiful. Congratulations and I'm sure there will be more to come!

Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...

Congratulations on all your features! Well deserved too as you're little hoops are wonderful, a little piece of art!

S x

Anonymous said...

Yay, congrats!

lou said...

Wow!! I saw you were in CL and MM - well done x

Crafted by Carly said...

Congratulations on all those features!!! I spotted you in Mollie! :-)

linwood avenue said...

you are on a roll - that is definitely worthy of a congratulations!

Fiddly Fingers said...

Well done you! This is fantastic. Were you 'noticed' by this magazines or did you contact them! I would love to get Chester into a magazine and possibly publicise the extreme crochet but am unsure how to go about it.

Trisha Brink Design said...

Yay Annabelle!!! This all comes as no surprise to me as I always knew your work was unbelievably wonderful. :) Congrats all around...will be looking for these mags on my local newsstand soon! Happy Spring to you!

Annabelle said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments! You are all dears. (Would you believe it, I have one more feature to add...!)

Alison, I was lucky to be contacted by them. Just as well 'cos I'm useless at this kind of thing.

Annabelle x

ZedPea said...

Congratulations on all the coverage! You deserve it... And it's only April - what's the rest of the year got in store, that's the question!

Jayne said...

Hi, just found your blog via Chipper Nelly, your work is so unique I love it. Well done for all the inclusions in magazines, you must be tickled pink! I see you were contacted by them, I have tried to contact a few mags and never receive a reply! Will keep trying though. jayne x