03 April 2012

Homespun Style

Two posts in a day, how about that??!

A couple of weeks back, I was lucky enough to win a copy of Selina Lake's new book Homespun Style.

To say I was excited is a huge understatement! I already had my sight firmly set on it from seeing little snippets here and there before it was out (if you like flicking through the pages of bloggyland, you'll be sure to have come across it too). And this is someone who rarely gets excited about this kind of stuff, but you see I knew it would be right up my street. Boy, I wasn't disappointed when it arrived. There is something I like on every single page (and I'm a right fussy one).

If you like the homespun, vintage style this is real eye candy. (Photography by Debi Treloar, words by Joanna Simmons)

If you happen to be in London, Selina is hosting her Homespun book party & homespun market event on Friday 13th April, with many a lovely makers I'd very much like to meet. Definitely one not to miss! (although I may be :( )

You can find all the details of when, where & who on her Facebook event page (be sure to let her know if you come along), and get yourself a signed copy while you're at it :)

Annabelle x

Well I never.. Part II

Alright, you may know, and I certainly know, I have done enough patting on the back to last me all year (thank you all very much for your lovely comments on my last post). Hmmm... well unfortunately for you I am not quite done :)

Thank you kindly to CrossStitcher magazine for a fab feature in this month's issue.

CrossSticher magazine

(Gosh that's my name, in a very very large font!)

I always get a bit jittery when a feature involves me waffling on... Ayayaïe, what on earth did I write... But since I had a couple of people tell me they enjoyed reading it it must be alright. Phew! (I haven't managed to read it all, only bits looking through my fingers. Ridiculous.)

Annabelle x