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03 April 2012

Well I never.. Part II

Alright, you may know, and I certainly know, I have done enough patting on the back to last me all year (thank you all very much for your lovely comments on my last post). Hmmm... well unfortunately for you I am not quite done :)

Thank you kindly to CrossStitcher magazine for a fab feature in this month's issue.

CrossSticher magazine

(Gosh that's my name, in a very very large font!)

I always get a bit jittery when a feature involves me waffling on... Ayayaïe, what on earth did I write... But since I had a couple of people tell me they enjoyed reading it it must be alright. Phew! (I haven't managed to read it all, only bits looking through my fingers. Ridiculous.)

Annabelle x

21 March 2012

Well I never...

This year is a year of "well I never..."s

I think you'll agree with me, having my little clucking chickens in Country Living magazine (woooaaaaa!) is most definitely a "well I never" moment if there was ever one.

('Course I knew there was a chance I would be in it, but I wasn't sure until I saw it. Must have been those firmly crossed fingers!)

Country Living

This comes after last month's "well I never..." with another little hoop featured in another of my favourite magazines, Mollie Makes.

Mollie Makes

And that was after finding out I was in Cloth Paper Scissors' Studios magazine.

Studios magazine

Crikey, you still with me? I have two more... A little feature in Southern Lady Magazine, and the lovely Australian online magazine Etzcetera

Feeling most grateful indeed! :)


05 August 2011

Bit of limelight...

My, my, my...!

Feeling pretty lucky and excited with not one - no siree, but two features in print this month!

Both beautiful mags to the touch & eye...

Mollie Makes...
Mollie Makes

"Living and loving handmade" makes it right up my street, add to that "making, collecting, thrifting, crafting" and I'm hooked. If you're on Twitter, Facebook or follow blogs the chances are you will have heard of it!

It's a UK mag but available overseas too. It can be hard to get hold of outside old Blighty, but fear not, for they sell the digital version online.

Oh, and you've got to check out this cute video they made.

Artful Blogging...

Artful Blogging...
Artful Blogging

I have to say I didn't know about Artful Blogging before this feature, but what a beautiful magazine!
There are no ads so you get well over a hundred pages of great content, as the title suggests, all about inspiring blogs. This issue also features Holly from Decor8 no less, and many, many other talented people.

I'm still pinching myself, I can't quite believe how it's happened but it's bloody awesome! How many pages all to myself?? :))

This one is a US mag, but you can also get hold of it in other countries, try here to get your hands on a copy.

A huuuge thank you to both magazines for featuring lil' ol' me.

Well, I think I need a cuppa after all this excitement.


10 June 2011

A source of much silliness...

I have had the most quiet of mornings, yawn, oh I did receive this in the post... No big deal really. Ade, as my witness, will tell you I did not clap my hands like a primary school kiddy, or do a ridiculous knees up dance, nor did my voice go up several pitches... no, no, no. It was quite a sedate affair.

First glossy mag feature!!!

LOOOK!!!!!! That's me, right there in a glossy magazine! And a GREAT one at that!
(I must add that Ade was just as frantically flicking through the pages, which made me even happier!).

There's a little feature on me in Fresh Style, a special publication by the publishers of Southern Lady Magazine from across the pond, AND editor Andrea Fanning used some of my hoops in her styling of a bedroom makeover!!

Oh my little heart...!

I had seen pdfs of the feature and bedroom makeover, but there's nothing like holding the magazine in your hands to make it real.

From being contacted a few months ago by editorial assistant Becky, to this is quite surreal! (Thanks Becky!)

First glossy mag feature!!!

The magazine is a great read from start to finish: features on some mighty ladies: Amy Butler, Ashley Ann Campbell and Heather Bailey, fabby projects for us DIYers, and much, much eye candy.
If you fancy getting your hands on a copy, you can order it here