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28 January 2011

Looking for missing weeks...

I think they did a runner.

I traced them in France with my family over Christmas, and then in the Italian Alps. The rest of the time, they mostly kept a low profile...


Today I have mostly failed, and one cannot finish the week on a fail.

So as I write this in my PJs - which I have worn all day, something I have only ever done a handful of times, scoffing the only junk food I can get my hands on without leaving the house - hot chocolate powder straight out of the jar, something I have done many times before, I feel already a whole lot better knowing that at least I will have caught up with you.

I did have another treat today, a treat for me anyway.
Yesterday I took Jack the dog to the beach after my post office run. It was beautifully still, not a foot print in the sand and a flat calm sea.
Needless to say, we didn't leave the place as found with Jack tearing around the place.

I went to my secret spot to collect some winkles (it's the Breton in me). Of course, there is no need for it to be a secret. Let's face it, I must be the only one around collecting the little sea snails, but a secret it shall remain for my pleasure only :)
So today, before the chocolate straight out of the jar thing, I had every single last one of them :)

Prends le temps Chirpy chick
I love my bed I love my bed

Other than today's fail, I have been busy sewing lately. Since a lovely lady from Illinois asked me if I did medium size hoops, I have started making 6" hoops as well as my usual 8" and 4". Perfect if you want a little cluster of hoops, or with other frames.
I had a little reshuffle of my shop shelves to accommodate the new small, medium and large hoops.

Apples messenger bag
Also made this custom messenger bag.

Do tell me if you find those missing weeks!

Annabelle x

PS: I will be away the whole of next week. The land of the Scots is calling :)
My shops will remain open as I will be checking in daily, however the shipping date will be Tuesday 8th Feb. If you want me to post something before I go, be quick, you have until 2pm tomorrow (Saturday 29th Jan - UK time).

18 November 2010

On the hills...

Most of the time, I just have to have lots of colour around me, a white base with a mix of bright and faded colours (hmmm... except terracotta and lilac, not my cup of tea!). And then once in a while, I get in an all white and natural mood. That's why I love this shop Baileys so much. Although I couldn't live in a 'Baileys' ' type house because colour would creep in eventually, it really appeals.

I was in this kind of mood when I got working on this canvas.

In the hills...

Although, you see what I mean about colour creeping back in :)

Devon, where I live, is full of these cute valleys with perfectly round hills. This is exactly the kind of spot I dream of for my gypsy caravan, in a meadow overlooking the hills. Sigh...

The design for the caravan (or 'roulotte', it sounds even better in French), came about after my friend Alex suggested I make some hoops to display in his yurts and (soon to be) gypsy caravans. A match made in heaven I say, since I am already slightly obsessed with all things gypsy, it's right up my street!

This is all quite exciting for me, because lately I have been thinking, maybe, it's time I found places to sell my work. I am quite indecisive on the subject, probably over protective, but Alex's yurts and caravans (Wild in Style) are just the perfect place for my little hoops.

14 November 2010

I dunnit!

I've only gone and dunnit, I've gone and built meself a proper online shop like!

Don't you just love the English language? I really can't do accents (try and read the above with a French accent, it's just not the same), but I luve it you know, it cracks me up! ;)

So there's my big news, in a northern kinda accent, I've launched my very own online shop...!!

Of course I should have done it back in the summer, and of course I should have given myself much more time, but that would just be far too grown up and organised. Instead, in true student fashion (you never loose your student ways completely), I crammed it all in the shortest time possible, working non-stop until le petit matin on a few occasions.

There is still more work to be done (improve seo, accessibility, functionality, design, blah blah blah...). I am a bit annoyed that as an ex web designer, the design is what I spent the least amount of time on. That said, a pat on the back when a pat is due and all that!

To celebrate a big step for Three Red Apples, and to thank you lovely people for your support and lovely comments, which help no end when the chips are down, I am offering 20% off in my new shop using the voucher code FAB20 until next Sunday night (21st Nov).

I couldn't possibly launch without a few new hoops...

ma p'tite roulotte...
My little gypsy caravan - I will tell you more about this one soon...

clucking chickens

clucking chickens
I love my little chickens, so I decided to put them in the smaller 4" hoop.

keep it simple doily
A new version of my 'keep it simple' hoop.

ma dodoche est toujours sur la route :)

ma dodoche est toujours sur la route :)
A couple new 2CVs...

I love my bed...
And... (I can't believe I hadn't shown you this one before, I did it a while back, I'm such a bad blogger!), my new 'I love my bed' design.